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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for MY01.

Watch: Video Brochures Capture The Attention Of Top Executives

In the following video, we’ll explain how Video Brochures capture the attention of top executives.

If you’d like to capitalize on a sales and marketing tool that will help your company make more sales, here’s your chance to learn about it.

Ohhh, but first… What if it costs more than postcards, pamphlets or emails, yet produces ROI that blows away practically all other sales and marketing strategies?

More specifically, what if it costs $20 to $65 per unit? While that’s more than what you might have been spending on sales and marketing tools recently, isn’t it less than taking most prospects out to lunch or dinner?

Yes, usually… But Video Brochures tend to produce extraordinarily better ROI. Wouldn’t that make them worth it? Also, imagine the repeat business and referrals…

Video: How To Capture The Attention of Top Executives

To explain what I’ve been referencing, here is Amy Hafen – our company owner, and Bill Diaz – VP of Sales.

What Video Brochures Accomplish

If you work in marketing, you know response rates over 10% are well above average.

While that’s true, we’ve seen response rates to Video Brochures as high as 66%.

Also, one of our clients experienced a 70% increase in sales after theirs were distributed. Can you imagine how great that felt? Pretty darn good, no doubt…

And most others experience excellent results as well.

In a nutshell, here’s what Video Brochures accomplish:

  • They don’t get ignored like business cards, postcards, pamphlets, flyers, and most other sales and marketing media.
  • They’re tangible and recipients actually enjoy receiving them.
  • Video Brochures get videos watched by key decision-makers in target audiences.
  • They’ll get your voice in the room with executives who are typically hard to reach.
  • Recipients tend to show them to others who influence their decisions.
  • Second-hand listeners tend to be impressed and positive with their opinions.
  • They make follow-up easier.
  • Video Brochures elevate perceived value.
  • Response rates to them typically blow away PPC and other forms of advertising and marketing.
  • They boost confidence and make salespeople better.

For more, check out Video Brochures Produce The Stickiest Marketing You’ll Ever Experience.

Case Study: Renuvion by APYX Medical

APYX Medical created a revolutionary procedure called Renuvion – a process that tightens and rejuvenates loose skin without the need for invasive surgery. It doesn’t require extended downtime, and leaves little to no scarring.

Unfortunately, as revolutionary as it was, their salespeople were struggling to get meetings with dermatologists to sell it.

However, after they started using Video Brochures from MediaFast, their salespeople said they began receiving callbacks “before we even got back to our office.”

Here is their Video Brochure.

Testimonials and Example From Flex Flow

Just to share a little more, here are testimonials from Scott Williams, Marketing Manager for Flex Flow. One is from him, and the other is from one of his prospects.

From Scott… “It was a little scary to make the commitment as this was a large expense for a small company (25 employees), but we are so glad that we took the leap to do a video brochure with MediaFast as the ROI from the launch has far exceeded our expectations.”

From one of his customers… Wow! That is one of the coolest things we have ever received. I showed it to everyone in the office. The video really did a great job of conveying your message. We checked out your website from the insert card in your sample and want to know more about your custom design shop and to get pricing for dealers.”

Here is their Video Brochure.

Flex Flow Video Brochure 5 X 7. Screen: 5"

Get Industry-Leading Video Brochures From MediaFast

At MediaFast, our goal is to provide the best products, value, advice and customer service at all times.

We only use brand new, Grade A components to ensure the best quality. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we include a one-year full warranty with everything we sell.

Plus, we know what it takes to design, manufacture and deliver Video Brochures that meet or exceed expectations. We also have 30+ years of experience in our industry, and we offer a full distribution service. To learn more, click: Why We’ll Mail Your Video Brochures For You.

After reading this, if you’d like to use Video Brochures to capture the attention of top executives, or get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

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