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We Are Fulfilling Orders Despite The Coronavirus

At a time when business for some companies has been interrupted due to the Coronavirus, MediaFast is open and accepting orders for Video Marketing Products!

Our partner factories in China are still fulfilling them with the same brand new, Grade A components, and they’re doing it on time as well.

MediaFast Is Open and Accepting Orders

Fortunately for us and our customers, the factories we work with in China are still open and operating like normal. They’re also fulfilling orders for Video Marketing Products on schedule with the same great quality.

As of this morning, according to the latest live update from The Washington Post, China has reported far lower cases of the Coronavirus than just a few weeks ago. While most of the news included in the live update isn’t great due to other cases being discovered around the world, it is encouraging that China’s numbers are down. Now, we just need good news to start coming from the rest of the world. Fingers and toes crossed, prayers being said, and lots of soap being used with the hope that the professionals who are battling the Coronavirus will soon manage to learn the best way to treat it. At the same time, reports are that it is very similar to the flu viruses that commonly affect millions of people every year, and most people who become infected with it ultimately survive.

While we all continue on as this develops, we just want our customers to know that operations at MediaFast are still being conducted just like normal. The workers in the factories we partner with in China are still working just like normal as well, and they assure us they will continue to do so as far as they can tell. Neither we nor they see any reason for our customers to refrain from ordering Video Brochures, Video Mailers, Video Gift or Sample Boxes, Point of Purchase Displays, CDs, Blu-Rays, DVDs, or USB Flash Drives from us.

Despite the Coronavirus, MediaFast Is Fulfilling Orders On Time

While some suppliers in our industry have had to turn away orders due to the affects of the Coronavirus, that is not the case for us. We are ready and able to help all customers who want to order Video Marketing Products.

Our partner factories in China are up and running. All orders are being shipped and received in normal time frames, and that should continue from everything we are being told by our contacts in China. Rest assured, if you want to order, we are open and ready to help you.

To learn more about MediaFast or the Video Marketing Products we sell, contact us today.

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