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This is a MediaFast Video Box for DOMO with a pair on Stance socks included inside the box.

We Can Put A Video Screen In Anything (almost)

Videos are excellent for marketing, training, entertainment and all sorts of other purposes. Innovative companies have figured out how to put a video screen in almost anything, and now video marketing products are even more powerful.

Since 2012, the amount of time people around the world spend per day watching videos has increased dramatically. Cell phones, mobile devices and computers have become a staple in people’s lives, and this trend will continue to increase as ideas develop and technology continues to advance.

Video hosting companies like YouTube have replaced TV in many people’s lives. Video content on social media platforms has spiked as well. What’s obvious is that people love videos, and because of it, millions are made each day. As a result, it only makes sense that there has been an increase in the number of whereabouts people can watch them as well.

Video content has become a superstar in marketing

In marketing, video content burst onto the scene in the past decade and is now a superstar. Videos capture people’s attention, increase open and response rates to emails, and make traditional brochures, point of purchase displays (POP displays), gift boxes, sample boxes, and training materials much more interesting. They also have the ability to present more information in less time. With the increased busyness and shorter attention spans that seem to be prevalent in people today, those characteristics make them even more valuable.

For marketers, the combination of audio and visual in videos has an unparalleled effect on viewers. Videos are highly versatile and have the unique ability to accurately portray circumstances better than written words or motionless images. They also engage more senses and arouse more emotions, which makes messages more interesting and memorable, and people usually prefer watching them over reading text or listening to audio when given the choice. For several years now, wise marketers have been profiting from this reality.

For example, according to, chocolate chip cookies are the preferred cookie choice of 53% of American adults. This should not come as a surprise to anyone who enjoys chocolate chip cookies. The next most popular flavor is peanut butter, which is the preferred choice of about 16% of American adults, followed by oatmeal, which is the preferred choice of about 15% of American adults.

I could go on writing about the history of cookies and detail many fun facts about them, but wouldn’t you rather just watch a video? For example, here is a really good one (except for the weird part at about the 6 minute mark – I totally don’t understand that part).

For most people, watching this video to learn about cookies feels much more entertaining and time efficient than researching and reading articles or recipes. It also does excellent marketing for the cookie industry. In fact, I don’t see how anybody could watch this video and not want cookies sometime soon afterwards, although I guess it could happen….. I just love cookies.

MediaFast offers top notch video marketing products

Companies who market themselves with video marketing products usually enjoy great success from doing so. Products such as video brochuresvideo mailersUSB flash drivesPOP displaysCDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, video sample boxes and video gift boxes have proven to be more interesting to potential customers, and they help companies stand out from competitors. As an added benefit, recipients normally view them as novelty items rather than throw-away marketing pieces. This helps them make a better impression than most traditional forms of marketing, and the added value easily helps increase the ROI.

At MediaFast, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We only sell products made with brand new, Grade A components, and our extensive experience makes us a great company resource. We make a strong effort to keep our prices affordable without compromising quality, and we communicate well with our clients throughout projects.

If video marketing is something you’re interested in doing for your company, contact us today.

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