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This is a MediaFast Sample Kit showing a video box, video brochure and video business card as examples.

We Do Fulfillment For Video Boxes and Video Mailers

Are you interested in using our video marketing products—video boxes and video mailers—but feel concerned about handling the fulfillment?

Well, that’s a fair concern. Fulfillment of video marketing products is a big job. For as effective as they are, the distribution part of the process is just as important as any other.

The good news, though, is that we’ll handle it for you. We’ve done it hundreds and hundreds of times, and you can rely on us to get these cutting-edge marketing products in the hands of your target audience.

Introducing Video Boxes and Video Mailers

Before going on more about our distribution, here’s a short video showing some video boxes and video mailers we’ve created for clients.

Notice the classy design, the printed content, and that the star of the show is always the video.

It’s where the magic happens—connections get made, familiarity grows, and trust escalates…among other things.

Why We Do Fulfillment For Video Boxes

Each month we build tens of thousands of video boxes for a myriad of different clients with a myriad of different applications.

Video boxes like the ones you saw in the video above… They have screens in them, and they hold everything from tumblers to glassware. Honestly, our clients include all sorts of different samples, swag, or gifts inside them.

Anyway, what you may be happy to know is that we get asked often to build video boxes. But as a second thought, they come back and say Hey, will you fulfill the products? Will you put our products inside the video boxes and distribute them?

The answer is yes, we do that all the time, and we like to do it. We like to actually place the pieces inside the boxes. We make sure they’re going to be secure, and then ultimately we make an outer carton for the boxes and ship them.

Also, depending on rates and time frames, we ship via UPS, FedEx, DHL internationally, and USPS. Whatever the best service is to make the deliveries for our clients, we’ll use it.

So, if you’re interested in having us do video boxes for you and fulfillment is something that maybe you don’t want to take on, ask us about it. We’ll happily do it for you.

Video Boxes and Video Mailers—Marketing That Works

While I could write about video boxes and video mailers all day, videos are more effective. They’re simply more interesting in this day and age, more efficient, and easier to remember.

With that said, here’s one explaining what tends to happen when targeted prospects receive video marketing products.

Make Your Best Sales Presentation

Does your best sales presentation consist of whatever your company sells being better, faster, and less expensive than what your competitors sell? Or, is it maybe a better value?

Either way, here’s an important consideration: For a sales presentation to work its best, it’s better to show, not tell. Is that something you’ve heard before?

Effectively, show don’t tell is a technique authors use to add drama and clarity to their content. The concept is that rather than telling readers about people, places, or things, they use this technique to vividly describe details and arouse feelings. It makes their words more engaging. It also creates visions and relatability—just like videos—so readers enjoy it more.

With that in mind, aside from in-person presentations, the most effective way to make a sales presentation is with videos. Coincidentally, the purpose of video boxes and video mailers is to help ensure targeted prospects watch videos that are intended for them.

And, just in case you’re thinking about simply putting them on websites or sending them in emails, that doesn’t work nearly well enough.

However, when targeted prospects receive videos in hand-held devices like video boxes and video mailers, they watch them practically every time. Then they share them with others and respond because they’re so impressed more often than not.

Get Top-Notch Video Boxes and Video Mailers From MediaFast

In today’s digital world, marketing with videos is significantly more effective than most other strategies.

I mean, don’t you agree that they feel more interesting? Don’t they also have a way of motivating you as a consumer to make purchases more so than traditional marketing strategies?

If you’re like us, you answered yes to those rhetorical questions.

Having said that, the key to success with videos is getting your target audience to watch them…and that’s exactly what video boxes and video mailers do.

And finally, here’s why we say ours are top notch. It’s because all of our products have only a .05% malfunction rate (half a percent). That’s far superior in our industry, and we achieve it by only using brand new, Grade A components.

We also test them thoroughly before distributing them, and we include a one-year full warranty to stand behind them.

Plus, we don’t lock the video content like our competitors do so our clients can update the units whenever they want and reuse them. And we have a recycling program. To learn more, click MediaFast Recycles Video Brochures.

After reading this, if you’d like to use video boxes or video mailers and have us handle the fulfillment for you, contact us today.

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