After spending a lot of time online this week and stumbling on several horribly designed websites, we thought it’d be worthwhile to spend some time focusing on what makes for good website design.  According to certain statistics, it only takes 1/20th of a second for someone to form an opinion of your website after looking at it.  This is not a lot of time to make a fantastic impression, so it’s essential that your website looks professional and appealing.  Below we are sharing some ideas that could help make your homepage more user friendly, and therefore, more successful…


How your site looks will not guarantee success or profit, but it certainly will make a big difference when people view your page.  You do not necessarily have to employ a professional designer to do the graphic design on your website, but unless you have a high skill level, it is probably wise.  You don’t have to have fancy flash animation or other complicated stuff in order to have a good design layout, just go for clean lines and don’t make your page look too busy.

Webpage Design

Having an easy to manage navigation set up is also very important, as people won’t spend time on a website that is difficult to move around on.  It can be smart to place all the links on your website in such a way that the user won’t become irritated because they can’t find things. You don’t want people to get confused or frustrated and leave the site without appreciating what you have to offer them.  Adding an easy to see search facility to your homepage is also helpful.


Aside from having professional layout, it is important to clearly mark where potential customers can find your contact information.  Not everyone is as comfortable with the Internet as you are, and many people will prefer getting information from your site then calling or emailing you to find out more.  Having a contact page that promotes direct communication could make all the difference.


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