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What Are Other Names For USB Flash Drives?

USB flash drives provide an easy way to store and transfer data. Throughout the years, they have been called many different names to go along with their many different uses.

Other names for USB flash drives

Even though they may be the same thing, here are examples of names people call them:

  • USB flash drives
  • Thumb drives
  • Jump drives
  • Key chain drives
  • Pen drives
  • Memory units
  • Data sticks

These portable storage devices are often the size of a human thumb and connect to most computers through a USB port. They are available with different memory sizes ranging from 2 gigabytes to 1 terabyte and can quickly be reprogrammed.

What a flash drive is and how one can be used

Unlike a standard hard drive found in a desktop computer, a flash drive has no moveable parts. It only contains an integrated circuit memory chip used to store data. Also, they usually have customizable plastic or aluminum casings surrounding the memory chip and USB connector.

Flash drives can be utilized like any drive on a computer. When one is inserted into a USB port, a user should open “My Computer”. Then they should see a drive labeled “Removable Disk”, “Flash Drive”, or whatever name the unit may have been given by the manufacturer. As soon as the appropriate drive letter has been determined, the user can copy any file they want and paste it onto the flash drive. There is also a drag-and-drop option usually available to transfer files.

To determine the drive letter, when a flash drive is connected, it will be assigned the first letter available after the other drives already in use. For instance, the hard drive is usually “C”. The disk drive is usually “D”. Then, in this scenario, the flash drive would become “E”.

How USB flash drives can be used

Before flash drives, people often used CDs and DVDs to store and backup their data. Now, in addition to The Cloud, people use USB flash drives for purposes like the following:

  1. Promotional tools – They can be customized to make memorable gifts and give a brand continued visibility.
  2. Data storage – They are convenient ways to store data that can be taken practically anywhere.
  3. Business cards – Handing someone a USB flash drive programmed with photos, videos, and other relevant content is a great way to start a new relationship.
  4. Resumes – A resume on a USB flash drive can help an applicant stand out above others.
  5. Portfolios – Photographers, artists, designers, and other professionals who market themselves with images can benefit from having portfolios on USB flash drives.
  6. Video advertisements – Videos have become the best way to connect with prospects and consumers.
  7. Catalogues – Instead of printing an extensive product catalog with oodles of pages, companies can make a digital version and load it on a USB flash drive to give to potential customers.
  8. Direct Mail Promotions – Mailing a custom USB flash drive is an inexpensive way to pique a customer’s interest and get them to take a look at what you have stored on the drive.
  9. Training – It can sometimes be expensive for companies to gather employees into one live setting. With a USB flash drive, companies can control the quality of the training presented and individuals can watch whenever it is best for them.
  10. Orientation – USB flash drives can include welcome letters, employee handbooks, and other important policy information. Putting this information on a flash drive allows it to be easily accessed or transferred to any computer or other device for quick reference.
  11. Product demonstrations – Research has proven people learn better and prefer to watch videos when learning how to use products and services.
  12. Testimonials – By combining audio and visual, videos make testimonials much more impactful.
  13. Recruiting – Video tours and sales pitches can be presented impressively with USB flash drives.
  14. Keepsakes – Photos, special events, certificates, and other keepsakes fit safely on USB flash drives.
  15. Musical performances – Fans and musicians can keep performances on USB flash drives to share and watch whenever convenient.
  16. Sharing presentations – Having a copy of a presentation on a USB flash drive is an excellent way to allow an audience to review a presentation they may or may not have been able to attend.

MediaFast offers the best USB flash drives

At MediaFast, we only use brand new, Grade A components to make our products. Quality and performance mean a great deal to us, and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

To find out how we can help you get the best USB flash drives or other great marketing products, contact us today.

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