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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Baltimore Country Club.

What Is A Video Brochure?

Using a video brochure is the newest and greatest method for individuals and companies to get their messages heard, but ‘what is a video brochure’ is still a relevant question.

For several years now, video brochures have been used profitably around the world for sales, fundraising, training, recruiting, exposure, educating and impressing potential customers. We have a long list of success stories from companies who have experienced great results with them. Still, many people are unaware and uninformed about them.

The following information addresses many of the questions we get asked about video brochures.

The content is reloadable: Video content can be changed easily at any time without new brochures having to be created, which means the content can be kept relevant and dynamic.

The electronics are all cell phone components:  Cell phones have been around for a few decades now and their components have been made increasingly more reliable.

The batteries are rechargeable:  Like cell phones, the batteries are easily rechargeable and they can be watched anytime anywhere because electric outlets are not needed.

No internet connection is necessary:  Simply opening the brochure activates the videos.

They are hand built:  All video brochures are hand built in China and MediaFast only sells them with brand new Grade A components.

They can be made in different sizes and shapes:  There are many different templates to choose from but custom design can be used as well.

MP4 is the most popular video format:  The MP4 format is popular because it allows for high quality video to be delivered in a smaller file size and videos are easily convertible into the MP4 format.

Videos can be loaded through a Mac or a PC:  To install or change the video content in an already existing brochure, the process can easily be performed with a Mac or PC.

Videos are loaded after manufacturing:  Following the design, print, production and a rigorous testing process of each unit from MediaFast, the videos are loaded.

They can be delivered in 14 days:  From the time the design is complete, video brochures can be produced and delivered to recipients in 14 days.

The minimum order is 1:  It is not required to order multiple video brochures at a time.

Videos can be up to 8 hours:  The average video length is 15 minutes, and while shorter video content tends to be more effective, videos can last up to 8 hours in video brochures.

Headphone jack option: While analytics show viewers tend to watch video brochures in groups of 5 or more and share them often, they can be made with a headphone jack for privacy.

Touchscreen navigation option:  For the most convenient navigation, they can be produced with a touchscreen feature.

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There are many reasons to buy video brochures from MediaFast and we would love the chance to gain your business. For more information about the cost of various video brochure quantities and how MediaFast can help your company experience the success other companies around the world are having with them, contact us today!

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