What Makes A Good DVD Cover

Since design is kind of our thing here at Media Fast, we take great pride in creating fantastic packaging for CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray, as well as anything else that a consumer might need.  When it comes to a DVD or Blu-Ray, it is very important that the front cover is done just right, to make sure that people want to pick it up and take a look!  That’s why this week’s blog is all about what makes a good CD or DVD cover, and we’ve collected some ideas that will hopefully help…


  • First of all, it’s very important to choose some great colors.  Color draws the eye and makes things stand out.  If your content is not necessarily suited to a full rainbow of colors, pick a few that seem to go with the tone you are trying to set.  Sometimes one bold color teamed with black and white can be more dramatic than several bright colors!  Whatever you choose, stay away from drab and dull.
  • Second, if your cover deign is for a movie, or something like that, it is always good to have an image of the main characters on front.  Ever wondered why magazines always have people on their covers?  It’s because people are drawn to other people.  Consumers are more likely to buy something with another human on it, rather than simply a beautiful picture of a place or object.
  • Third, your design concept will be the first impression that people have of your content, so be sure to try and embody some of the themes of your project on the front cover.  You don’t want to give too much away, but you can include a short synopsis and have images of exciting moments on both the front and back covers.
  • Lastly, be sure that your cover looks professional!  Bad photo shopping will cancel out a good idea, as execution is everything.  It is probably wise to get professional help putting everything together unless you are talented at graphic design.  You can still decide what the end product looks like, but be willing to take advice.


So there you have it! Some ideas to help create a fantastic CD, DVD or Blu-Ray cover.  Give us a call if you need more information, help or advice!