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What Makes a Great Video for Video Marketing

Having a great video for video marketing is all about balance. If it explains rather than lectures, is enchanting rather than demanding, and is engaging rather than boring, it will be much more effective.

Qualities of a great video for video marketing

  1. Have A Good Script. Essentially, having a good script is more about answering the right questions. Clearly establishing goals, forecasting problems that may arise along with solutions, and determining the ideal tone prior to scripting words or shooting video footage will make a great difference during the production process.
  2. Get to the point. Shorter videos are far more effective than longer ones. Emphatically, this can’t be emphasized enough. When people are interested, they would rather not listen to mumbo-jumbo or babbling before the main point is made. Get to it early and keep the entire message focused around it.
  3. Know your audience. Rarely ever is a target audience “everyone”. Videos are more effective when the people making them keep the age, gender, background, and tech interests of their audience in mind as they make decisions.
  4. Communicate brand value. More than anything, people want to know how things will impact them. Even points that could be assumed to be common sense should be referenced so viewers will know how the product, service or idea could benefit them. That’s what they’re mostly interested in and the entire message should be presented from that angle.
  5. Think visually. One of the greatest advantages of videos is that people are captivated by motion. If pictures are worth a thousand words, then images in motion are worth much more.
  6. Be fun. People want precise, condense versions of messages with interesting visuals that arouse emotions when watching videos. A highly effective strategy can be summed up in these four words: “Facts tell, stories sell.” Most people would rather not see and hear much about a company’s background or technical descriptions, or even much about a presenter’s qualifications, etc. Those things can be learned later. The most effective videos show demonstrations or illustrate stories with their viewer’s interests in mind.
  7. Use the right music. Music enhances emotions, emphasizes points, and makes videos more interesting.
  8. Use a good voiceover and/or font. Without the right voice or font, an exceptional video can be wasted. Therefore, the voice and/or font should match the look, feel, and tone of the video.
  9. Include a call to action. People need to be prompted to take action at the end of a video because that is usually when they feel the most emotional. Without begging or sounding desperate, an ideal strategy is for a presenter to ask or tell them what they would like them to do next.
  10. Make it shareable. It is difficult for viewers not to want to share videos that are entertaining, charming, enchanting, captivating, informative and/or easy to follow. Throughout the production process, share-ability should be kept in mind.

By following these ten points, a highly effective video can be made for practically any purpose.

Video marketing offers great versatility and profitability

Thanks to advances in technology, videos are now easier to make and distribute than ever before. There is no reason for anyone with a message to present not to capitalize on the versatility and profitability they offer.

Remember, in a time when people seem to have shorter attention spans than ever before, the most effective videos are short, engaging breakdowns of larger concepts that are explained in a way viewers can see how they will be impacted. The better ones are lighthearted, entertaining, and informative with plenty of visual images and motion mixed in.

To learn more about videosvideo marketing, or any of the cutting-edge marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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