What Makes For An Engaging Tweet?

We talked about the power of Facebook last week and shared some impressive statistics, but what about the other titan of social media, Twitter?  The key to Twitter it to engage the public and create a viral situation.  Once you become a brand or account that is considered noteworthy or worth sharing, you are well on your way to heightened profits and increased market presence.

Twitter can be hard to manoeuvre due to the restricted character available for use.  At 140 characters, you have to make a statement that is bold, concise and attention grabbing in order to impact your target audience.

One great way to achieve this is to keep your tweets conversational.  Type like you were talking to a friend, by using questions, informal language and exclamations.  Without body language to further explain your meaning and tone, it can be hard to keep things light and conversational, but do your best.  It might even be smart to read your proposed tweet out loud to see how it would sound if you were speaking to someone.

Another great tip is to talk about something other than your brand, products or own interests.  As much as you might thinks its great to tell stories of your life, or if your goal is to advertise, still try to talk about topics of interest or current events.  Asking direct, open-ended questions is a great way to interact, as you invite others to answer, share their thoughts or voice opinions.

Finally, don’t rush!  You don’t have to share huge amounts of information or tweet constantly.  Would you go on and on about something in a conversation even if the person your are speaking to doesn’t want to hear?  There is such a thing as too much of a good thing!  Pace yourself, and don’t tweet too frequently.

Social media sites like twitter are a great way to share yourself, products or brand with the world, but make sure to use such a powerful tool carefully! For help with social media management and advice on how it could help you, call us today.