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What To Do If Your Video Brochure Malfunctions

If you’re in a meeting and your Video Brochure malfunctions, what would you do? Or, what if you had it delivered to a prospect and it didn’t operate correctly when they opened it? We’ve heard far too many horror stories like those, and they’re precisely why we only use brand new, Grade A components to make ours — so they don’t malfunction.

Video Brochures made by MediaFast have only a .05% failure rate – less than one percent, which is outstanding in our industry. While we appreciate companies who use refurbished parts, we decided long ago it isn’t worth sacrificing performance for our customers to use them. Sadly, companies who use second-rate Video Marketing Products often experience problems with leaky batteries, bad screen resolution or clarity, low quality sound, and/or button malfunctions. Fortunately, in products purchased from us, those problems rarely ever occur.

What To Do If Your Video Brochure Malfunctions

I recently heard another heartbreaking story of a salesperson who worked very hard to get a meeting with an executive he considered to be one of his top ten prospects. He’d pursued him for about 8 months before finally managing to get himself in a group with him on a golf course. They didn’t talk much business while they played, but he did manage to get the executive to like him enough to agree to take his Video Brochure. Then they scheduled a short follow-up meeting for the following week.

When the follow-up meeting started, the salesperson was shocked to learn that his Video Brochure didn’t play the video when the executive opened it. Embarrassed and caught completely off-guard, which is understandable, he didn’t recover fast enough mentally and lost his chance to turn that opportunity into a sale.

So, what do you do when this happens? First, if you know what you’re selling well enough, the best strategy is to keep your composure, use some charm, and put a strong focus on how what you’re selling will solve one of their problems or make their lives better without taking much time to do it. If you’ve prepared properly with that as your focus, they’ll still be interested in talking with you as long as you stick to it.

Second, don’t place anymore attention on the malfunctioning Video Brochure. Other than a short sentence or two nonchalantly joking about it while putting it away, it shouldn’t receive anymore attention. Focusing on how your product or service will help them while being smooth about it just might save the day. After all, it’s what they’re most interested in anyway.

Get The Most Reliable Video Brochures From MediaFast

At MediaFast, we only want to offer the best quality in Video Marketing Products to our customers. To make our products the most reliable, everything we sell is made with only brand new, Grade A components. Also, from what we know, we are the only company to include a full warranty on all of the Video Marketing Products we sell.

Also, we confidently send out hundreds of FREE samples to prospects interested in trying our Video Brochures, Video Boxes, etc. By doing so, we’ve found that our potential customers appreciate the superior quality that comes with our products and it’s common for us to receive responses like “Your samples are so much better than the ones we received from other companies. Very impressive!” Then, they buy from us with confidence.

With regards to price, what a lot of consumers don’t know is that the price difference between high quality Video Marketing Products and lower quality versions is not always significant – usually between 1% and 10%. However, there is often a significant difference in customer satisfaction. Since one sale often pays for each unit, spending slightly more for quality and reliability usually proves to be worth it. To learn more, click this link: Your Video Brochure Can Perform Like A TV Commercial

To purchase Video Brochures so your company can use the best Video Marketing Products available, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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