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What Video Brochures Do Better Than Other Marketing Products

In marketing, video brochures perform exceptionally well. The stroke of genius that occurred when someone had the brilliant idea to combine traditional printed brochures with videos has made an excellent impact.

Why is that true? Well, video brochures provide what seems to be a perfect solution for sales, marketing, fundraising, branding, recruiting, educating, training, and several other purposes in business. There may not be a better way for companies to reach targeted prospects, and ROI with them is excellent.

What video brochures do better than other marketing products

While there are many benefits to using video brochures, here are some we hear about most often:

  • Video brochures are highly impressive: By combining the best of print marketing with video content, there may not be a more impressive marketing or sales tool that can be purchased at such an affordable price.
  • They help average salespeople become great salespeople: Because they make introductions easier and simplify follow-up, they help salespeople perform better. They also make them more interesting, memorable, and impressive.
  • Video brochures are extremely versatile: For practically any purpose, video brochures provide an ideal solution that most viewers enjoy.
  • They increase brand recognition: Because they’re so novel, they help make companies unforgettable.
  • Video brochures provide low-cost, effective marketing: They create a significantly higher ROI then most other marketing or sales tools.
  • They increase customer loyalty: By opening doors and strengthening relationships, they help produce high customer retention rates.
  • They allow companies to better control their messages and how they are presented: By capitalizing on the power of videos, video brochures allow companies to ensure their messages are clear, consistent, and impressive without being affected by what individual salespeople say and how they say it.
  • Video brochures provide an outstanding way for companies to deliver customized messages: Video content is easy to change on video brochures and can be customized on individual units.
  • They provide an effective way for companies to reach targeted prospects: Video brochures can be directly handed to, dropped off for, or mailed to targeted prospects.
  • Video brochures improve efficiency and convenience: Video brochures can be seen and heard whenever and wherever it is convenient for recipients. They also make it easier for viewers to share messages with others, and they allow companies to say and show more in less time.

Essentially, video brochures provide an outstanding way for companies to communicate their messages to their most likely customers as well as people who influence them. They combine the power of videos, the power of tangibility, and the power of print more effectively than any other marketing options, and companies who use them are usually very happy they decided to do so.

Why your company should be using video brochures

Even with the power of the internet, companies still invest thousands and thousands of dollars in marketing products to reach their most likely customers. From what we’ve seen, video brochures provide a classy, easy to deliver, attention-grabbing way for companies to reach a target audience that seems to work more effectively than other forms of marketing. In fact, they’re so interesting that recipients usually get excited about watching them and can’t wait to show them to co-workers, friends, and family members.

Essentially, they combine the best of traditional print advertising with new age video marketing to deliver twice the appeal. We’ve heard viewers on numerous occasions say that holding a video brochure feels practically like holding a TV commercial in their hands, and they’re blown away that something like them even exists.

As one wise marketer once said, “It’s all in the presentation.” That’s been a wildly successful marketing philosophy for many years, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon.

To learn more about how video brochures can help your company or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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