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What’s The Best Way To Send Samples Or Gifts? Use A Video Box

For anyone interested in the best way to send samples or gifts, we’ll send a FREE sample of a Video Box. All they have to do is request it.

By doing so, our hope is that our potential customers will experience the superior quality that comes with our products. Then, hopefully they’ll understand the price difference between high quality and low quality versions is not always significant. However, there is usually a significant difference in customer satisfaction.

The Price Increase For High Quality Isn’t Always Significant

Around the world, there are reasons why phrases exist like “You get what you pay for” or “Buy it right or buy it twice”. Usually, products made with lower quality components break down quickly or simply don’t perform as well. They can also be far less impressive. Then users are left with disappointment, and buyer’s remorse often results.

In addition, what’s interesting is that the price difference between higher quality and lower quality products is usually only between 1% and 10%. Furthermore, sometimes a higher price is only because the product is made by a particular brand and not because it’s actually better. In those cases, price is not an indication of higher quality at all.

Unfortunately, consumers often use price to determine value by mistake when a better strategy would be to find quality first, and then find value from there.

Why We Send FREE Samples

Giving away free samples has always been a great way for companies to show potential customers what they have to offer.

To help our potential customers make an educated decision before purchasing any of our products, we’d rather send them a FREE sample first. Then, instead of hoping they’re purchasing from the right company, they’re able to buy with confidence.

At the same time, we decided many years ago to never sacrifice quality for any reason. Why? Because the risk of causing our customers to feel unsatisfied with poor performance by any of our products just isn’t worth it. Instead, we focus on making everything we sell the absolute best we can. Fortunately, we’ve been rewarded for it for over thirty years now.

Why Our Video Marketing Products Provide Superior Value

To further explain, here are five reasons why our Video Marketing Products provide such great value:

  1. We only use brand new, Grade A components. Cutting-edge marketing products have the ability to make a significant amount of revenue for companies who use them. When they’re in action, quality components are necessary to produce the best possible image, sound, and functionality. Instead of hearing stories about inferior products not working properly at the most inopportune moments, we believe in only using brand new, Grade A components to ensure the best quality. Then our customers don’t have to experience those embarrassing moments. And, brand new, Grade A components simply perform better.
  2. The minimum order is one. Basically, we do not have a minimum order size. Companies sometimes want a prototype first that they can use as a demo, and we’ll fulfill those orders happily.
  3. We do not lock video content. Rather than limit how our customers can use their Video Marketing Products, we do not lock the video content that is originally loaded onto them. Instead, we leave them unlocked so they can change videos on each unit whenever they want.
  4. We provide a full warranty. As far as we know, we are the only company in our industry to provide a full warranty on video marketing products. And, it is not a limited warranty.
  5. There is no “bait and switch” or “nickel and dime” with our prices. We do not charge set-up fees or surcharges. Our quotes include everything our customers will have to pay to have their expectations met. For instance, we do not charge to load video content onto the products before they’re delivered.

A Video Box Is The Best Way To Send Samples Or Gifts

For companies to get the most out of their videos, MediaFast Video Marketing Products make it happen. They help ensure the right people watch them. And, because they’re so effective, return on investment with them is outstanding.

Likewise, we know from experience how effective it is for companies to give samples of what they sell to their most-likely-customers. Also, giving gifts in a package that includes a video simply makes it much more impressive. Fortunately, Video Boxes are ideal for both, and we’ve seen them continue to grow in popularity over the past five years or so because of it.

To purchase a Video Box so your company can capitalize on the best way to send samples or gifts, or to receive a FREE Sample, contact us today.

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