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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Dis Tran Packaged Substations.

When Using Hardcover Video Brochures Makes More Sense

While regular softcover Video Brochures are amazing, using hardcover Video Brochures makes more sense in some instances. With that said, regardless of which cover type is chosen, the fact that they’re tangible and utilize the power of videos is why they produce such fantastic results.

Introducing Video Brochures

According to feedback we’ve received, Video Brochures work extremely well when dispersed to targeted prospects. For example, we’ve had customers report as much as a 60% to 70% increase in response rates when compared to other strategies they’ve previously used.

Why is this? Mostly because Video Brochures are too interesting to ignore. They also excel at getting company’s videos watched by their most likely customers and increase their overall perceived value. As a result, they produce some of the best return on investment ever generated by any sales or marketing tools.

Here is a video highlighting them in action in case you aren’t familiar with them:

In a nutshell, Video Brochures are impressive, dynamic, and attention-grabbing. They combine the best of print media with the power of videos to form one of the greatest sales and marketing tools ever, and they perform like superstars when compared to more traditional options. A good way to support that statement is this: While the opportunity to read a traditional brochure feels totally unappealing to most people, watching one can actually be pretty fun!

When Using Hardcover Video Brochures Makes More Sense

With regards to cover types, you’re probably familiar with the terms paperback and hardcover from your association with books. Since most people are already familiar with those terms, understanding the differences as they pertain to Video Brochures is easy. Here is a brief list of specifics:

  • Hardcover is more durable because it utilizes better paper quality.
  • With respect to perceived value, hardcover feels more expensive.
  • Using a hardcover is a great way to make a top-notch Video Marketing Product even more impressive.
  • Because of production costs, hardcover is more expensive than paperback. (But not by much.)

With that said, here are two ideal circumstances when using a hardcover Video Brochure make more sense:

  1. When Video Brochures are passed around over and over again by salespeople, having a hardcover simply helps them last longer.
  2. When companies use them repeatedly during training sessions, having a hardcover keeps them in tip-top condition.

Furthermore, Video Brochures deliver a WOW factor that rarely ever gets matched by other sales and marketing tools. They get rave reviews from recipients, and they make salespeople much more interesting and effective. Hardcovers simply help them last longer and make them even more impressive.

Why Customers Love MediaFast Video Brochures

More than anything, people who use Video Brochures love them because return on investment with them is outstanding. Whether they use them for sales, advertising, branding, product launches, training, education, proposals, reports, highlights, or any other purposes, they perform extremely well.

As for why our customers love buying them from us, our Video Brochures are made with only brand new, Grade A components to help ensure the best quality – just like every other MediaFast product. Furthermore, from what we know, we are the only company in our industry to include a full warranty with everything we sell. And, it’s not a limited warranty.

In addition, we do not lock video content on any of the Video Marketing Products we sell. Our process is to load the video content provided by our customers and then leave them unlocked so they can change videos whenever they want. That is included in our price, and by doing so, we give our customers more freedom and make Video Brochures re-usable. Some companies in our industry charge for this service. Oh, and we also don’t nickel and dime them for other perks as well.

If you’d like to purchase Video Brochures so your company can capitalize on marketing that makes more sense, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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