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Why 81% Of Businesses Now Use Video Marketing

81% of businesses now use Video Marketing according to Hubspot, and it’s easy to see why. People simply don’t read as much anymore. Instead, videos tell them more in less time. They also engage more senses, which makes them feel more interesting, and consumers expect companies to have them available.

Why 81% Of Businesses Now Use Video Marketing

Two of the major benefits of using videos is that they’re versatile and engaging. They give viewers real life images of what they’re interested in learning, which makes the information easier to trust, and they’re very convenient to distribute and watch. For those reasons alone, they’re a perfect fit for the value our society places on instant gratification.

For consumers, another benefit is they make it easier to share information with others who influence their purchasing decisions. If you’re a salesperson who knows what it feels like to lose a sale because someone who didn’t hear your sales pitch talks someone who wants to buy from you out of it, or they use their half of the vote to say “no”, you know how unfortunate it can be to not at least have a video to leave with the person you presented your sales pitch to. If they had a video from you to share with others who influenced their decision, it very well might have helped you make the sale.

On top of that, videos create a connection between businesses and consumers that motionless images and text simply cannot. Videos bring persons, places, and things to life. Putting a face to a name or a voice to a description has been a major difference-maker for TV commercials for decades, and presenting videos allows companies to do practically the same thing for much less money.

Because of those reasons, businesses have learned that their most likely customers prefer they use videos to communicate with them. Being able to watch videos as people learn about commodities is the next best thing to actually experiencing them live. And, in the digital age we live in, decision-makers seek them out.

Types Of Videos For Video Marketing

In a world where 90% of consumers say videos help them make purchasing decisions, companies who use Video Marketing give themselves a distinct advantage over others who don’t. With that said, when creating a Video Marketing campaign, businesses need to have a solid understanding of the purpose of their videos. Then, after they identify their target audience, determining the best type of video to influence them becomes fairly easy.

For example, explainer videos help educate people about how to use products, services, and opportunities. They’re also fantastic for showing viewers how to make repairs and/or cook meals or bake yummy treats. Following instructions is just easier with them.

Another type of video that makes a great impact on consumers is a testimonial video. Seeing and hearing real life users explain how experiences have gone for them can be like the magic ingredient in sales. At the same time, potential buyers want to know.

As well, interviews in videos are more impactful because viewers can see body language and hear changes in voice tones. People reading text or looking at motionless images simply can’t enjoy the same affect.

And finally, product reviews and demo videos are a great way for companies to show consumers what they’ll gain by purchasing what they sell. In addition to making research feel much easier, they often prompt consumers to stop shopping around and convince them to buy from the companies who have product reviews and demo videos available.

Get The Best Video Marketing Products From MediaFast

Among marketing strategies, the popularity of videos has vaulted Video Marketing to the top of the list. As a result, Video Marketing Products like Video BrochuresVideo MailersVideo Point of Purchase Displays, and Video Gift and Sample Boxes have become extremely impactful.

When given the choice, most people would prefer to watch a video than read or listen to audio when trying to learn about a product, service, or opportunity. Nevertheless, while posting videos online is one way to get people to watch them, the major challenge is actually getting the “right” people to watch them. To overcome that challenge, an excellent, proven strategy is to use Video Marketing Products. They have an extremely high open and response rate, and they rarely ever get ignored like many other marketing and sales tools. Plus, return on investment with them is outstanding, and they’re much more impactful than most traditional marketing and sales tools.

To learn more about why 81% of companies now use Video Marketing, or to get a FREE SAMPLE of any of the Video Marketing Products we sell, contact us today.

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