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Why A Custom Video Box Impresses Prospective Customers

Sending a custom Video Box with samples or gifts to prospective customers is a fantastic marketing strategy. In addition to drawing more attention on products, services, and opportunities, it will open doors that might otherwise have never been opened.

Why A Custom Video Box Impresses Prospective Customers

By capitalizing on the power of videos, custom Video Boxes are classy, impressive, and get great results in marketing. They help samples and gifts make the greatest impact possible, and recipients are usually blown away by them.

Why? Because almost immediately after receiving one, recipients naturally feel valued and appreciated. After all, it isn’t often that they receive such an impressive piece of technology from companies trying to do business with them. As a result, not only do they help relationships with current customers grow stronger, but opportunities with prospective customers often suddenly become available. Think about it this way: If they don’t know you before, then they definitely will after receiving a Video Box from you.

At the same time, capitalizing on the power of videos is what helps them make the biggest impact. For marketing purposes, videos have the ability to say and show a lot more information than written text in a short period of time. They also feel like less work to watch. Plus, they increase trust because videos have the ability to portray details more thoroughly and accurately than written content. For example, I could write to you all about my shoes. But if I show you a video of them, you’ll learn a lot more much faster.

With that concept in mind, check out this video about Video Boxes:

Why Your Company Should Use A Video Marketing Product

The popularity of videos has made Video Marketing the most preferred marketing strategy. It generates excellent return on investment, and because of it, Video Marketing Products are super popular.

When given the choice between watching a video or reading to learn about something, most people will choose to watch a video. However, while posting videos online is one strategy that sometimes works well enough, companies never really know if their target audience and/or key decision-makers are watching them. Therefore, a better strategy is to deliver them directly to their attention, and cutting-edge Video Marketing Products like Video Boxes and Video Brochures are exceptional for that purpose.

Here are a handful of reasons why:

  • Video Marketing Products are too impressive to ignore.
  • Recipients respond extremely well to them.
  • They win the battle for attention in mailboxes and on desktops.
  • Receptionists pass them along quickly.
  • Recipients regularly share them with others who influence their decisions.
  • Video Marketing Products turn average salespeople into great salespeople.
  • Sometimes they even make sales themselves.
  • They make it easier for salespeople to get follow-up appointments, which is often a key to success.

With all of that said, if those reasons aren’t enough, studies indicate consumers are 85% more likely to purchase something they are thinking about buying after watching a video about it.

To purchase a custom Video Box so your company can impress your prospective customers, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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