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MediaFast video box for Oil Nut Bay.

Why A Video Box Will Help You Get New Clients

Using a Video Box is an extraordinary way to send samples or gifts. In addition to being highly impressive, it’s a cutting-edge marketing piece that helps companies keep clients they already have as well as gain new ones.

Marketing Makes A Huge Impact On Revenue

Marketing is one of the few business practices that make a huge impact on revenue. In many industries, companies who are good at it tend to do well financially while others who aren’t tend to struggle.

For example, there are several fast-food chains who are great at marketing that make far more revenue than their competitors even though their food isn’t nearly as tasty (in my opinion). The same is true for personal care products and automobile insurance. While I could continue on about this much more, my guess is you already get the point.

With that in mind, what a Video Box does is present samples or gifts in a package that also delivers great marketing. In case you aren’t familiar with them, here are examples of Video Boxes we’ve made for some of our clients:

A Video Box Will Help You Get New Clients

Marketing normally has two specific goals – one is to help companies keep the clients they already have and the other is to help them get new ones. Video Boxes are proven to help companies accomplish both.

As the name implies, a Video Box includes a video. In addition to making messages more interesting and memorable, studies have proven that consumers believe companies who use videos better understand how to connect with them.

On top of that, 90% of consumers say videos strongly affect their purchasing decisions. Also, 80% of consumers are more likely to buy a product they are already considering buying after watching a video about it. If they can’t find a video from a company they want to buy from, they’ll usually search online for a video from another company and then buy from them instead.

Conveniently, a Video Box includes product samples or gifts along with a video, making it increasingly influential on recipients. With so much included, there aren’t many better ways for companies to impress targeted prospects with what they have to offer.

Effectively, when targeted prospects receive a Video Box, it almost feels like they’re receiving a gift. It matters that someone thought highly enough of them to send such an impressive piece of technology, and in most cases, they can’t resist the urge to open it immediately. Then, they usually can’t resist the urge to share it with co-workers or other decision-makers right away. Soon afterwards, they often respond to whoever sent it to them to set up a face-to-face meeting or start going down the path toward making a purchase.

Use A Video Box from MediaFast To Get New Clients

At MediaFast, we understand the importance of marketing. We also understand how important it is for companies to spend their marketing dollars wisely on strategies that work. According to the feedback we’ve received, Video Boxes work exceptionally well.

From the very beginning, we help our clients brainstorm, envision, script, and design a Video Box that will meet their objectives. Until everyone agrees that the concept and design is right, we’ll keep working at it. We have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t in marketing, and that give us a distinct advantage over our competitors. It also helps us satisfy our customers, which is our highest priority.

To learn more about what a Video Box can do for your company or any of the other Video Marketing Products we offer, contact us today.

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