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This is a Point of Purchase Display with a video screen made by MediaFast for Mobile Pay.

Why Big Retail Chains Use Point Of Purchase Displays

Big retail chains use Point of Purchase Displays to increase sales. Even though they’ve been extremely productive for years, what they’ve found is that they perform even better when videos are included in them.

Big Retail Chains Use Point of Purchase Displays

Decades ago, researchers learned that attention-grabbing, sale-oriented Point of Purchase Displays increase sales in retail stores. When positioned correctly, they found that shoppers often appreciate that they remind them of products or services they might be forgetting, or they influence them to try products or services they may have never tried.

As well, POP Displays improve amusement levels in stores. While it’s common for shoppers to return to places where they’ve made purchases from before, it’s just as common for them to return to stores where they’ve enjoyed the atmosphere and variety of selections. With that in mind, Digital Point of Purchase Displays boost energy and give shoppers more things to be amused by, especially when videos are included in them.

Also, because consumers make a lot of purchases on impulse, POP Displays help retailers capitalize on that by drawing attention to the products and services that are highlighted in them. Time and time again, habitual shoppers get a rush from making purchases on a whim, and often that is the feeling they go out hoping to find. Conveniently, POP Displays make that feeling easier to find.

By effectively placing Point of Purchase Displays in areas of high traffic, store owners enable themselves to capitalize on the impulsive nature of consumers. Increasing sales of products that otherwise might not get noticed as much increases revenue, and shoppers tend to enjoy the more inviting atmosphere, which often prompts them to return in future shopping adventures.

Shoppers Benefit From POP Displays

From the moment they were introduced in retail settings, Point of Purchase Displays have been extremely effective at helping shoppers remember to buy things they might have been forgetting. Naturally, humans forget things, and sometimes even shopping lists aren’t quite good enough. Fortunately, POP Displays are excellent at giving reminders.

For example, gum, light bulbs, shoe strings, batteries, makeup, toothpaste, soap, and various moisturizers are common items people forget to purchase while in stores. However, these items are often featured in Point of Purchase Displays, which helps shoppers remember them.

On top of that, POP Displays do a great job of increasing sales of items such as candy, toys, treats for pets, sunglasses, cleaning supplies, beauty products, and many other non-essential items. Store owners benefit from the bump in revenue, and consumers often enjoy buying them.

Videos Make POP Displays More Effective

To perform their best, Point of Purchase Displays should never be boring. If they are, they’ll struggle to produce the excellent results they normally produce for retailers who use them.

In today’s world, mass manufacturers have learned how to put video screens in almost anything. In business, marketing and sales products with a personalized approach and modern design tend to perform well. At the same time, using videos in them helps them connect better with consumers and leads to marketing messages getting heard more by a company’s most likely customers.

For suppliers, including videos in POP Displays can be helpful in convincing store owners to display them in their stores. Location owners usually understand the benefit of keeping their stores fresh and interesting, and they also realize consumers sometimes need help noticing new products. As well, many shoppers enjoy making impulse purchases, and sometimes shoppers simply need to be reminded of items they want or need to buy. To capitalize on those concepts, Point of Purchase Displays with videos often provide the best strategy.

To purchase Point of Purchase Displays for your company so they can benefit from them like big retail chains, or to get a FREE SAMPLE of one of our Video Marketing Products, contact us today.

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