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This is an image of a video brochure and/or video mailer made by MediaFast for Deliverect Works.

Why Digital Screen Prices Keep Rising

Digital screen size effects the price of a video brochure more than any other component. Just like with laptops, the bigger the screen size, the higher the price.

This year, digital screen prices have increased several times. To find out why, we contacted our suppliers. The following is what they told to us.

Reasons why digital screen prices have risen

More than any other force, supply and demand effect price points in all products. Whenever there is a rapid increase or decrease in either, prices change accordingly.

With the increase in the number of digital devices being used globally along with the constant improvements made in most of them, consumers often replace their devices simply because they want the latest and greatest versions. This reality, combined with the following four points given by our LCD suppliers, makes it is easy to understand why video brochure prices keep rising.

  1. An increased demand for TV panels has driven glass factories to produce more TV size panels. This has resulted in a significant decrease in the production of glass panels used to make small digital screens.
  2. The screens in mobile phones continue to get larger, which means each sheet of glass produces fewer screens, which also results in a higher price per unit.
  3. Samsung has closed 7 production lines that produced smaller format LED screens, and they are projected to close more. They are rapidly switching to larger format OLED production lines, which have a 400% margin in the market compared to a much lower margin with LCD screens.
  4. Earthquakes in Taiwan in early 2016 caused their expected annual screen output to be reduced by 8%-10%.

Our suggestions to offset the rise in digital screen prices

As a result of the 4 factors above, we suggest the following:

  1. Choose the 4” HD screen. This price is more stable because our suppliers have a large enough inventory of this size for three to four months of production.
  2. Choose the 7” HD screen. The high demand for this size in the cell phone and tablet market makes it more stable than other sizes because suppliers are already making a lot of it.
  3. Since we anticipate screen prices continuing to rise, it will benefit buyers to place orders sooner rather than later before prices rise again.
  4. It will benefit buyers to let us know ASAP when they will have any large orders so we can try to secure screens at the best sizes and prices possible.

Our suppliers understand the effects this development is having on us along with our customers. Because they value our business, they’ve made it a priority to help as much as they can.

The good news is video brochures still create the best ROI and they remain cutting edge technology that is excellent for many purposes. Even with the price increase, they’re worth every penny. For the time being, these 4 suggestions should minimize the financial impact rising digital screen prices are creating as we all move forward.

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