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Why DVD Advertising Works

As recently as 25 years ago, DVD advertising would have been something cool we might have seen in one of the Back To The Future movies. CDs existed, but from what I remember, DVDs did not. In fact, the closest thing I remember to digital advertising was a sign with lights that would flicker on and off in various patterns as a way to draw more attention. Now, because of the digital age we live in, companies have to find ways to market their products and services, train and motivate employees, advertise events, raise awareness, and increase their perceived value by reaching people on numerous electronic devices. To do that, marketers around the world have turned to DVD advertising for digital advertising solutions.

An advertisement video can be much like a TV commercial. It can also be like an infomercial, a documentary, a movie preview, a highlight show, a demonstration, a virtual tour, a training session, a lecture, a testimonial, a motivational speech, a promotional message, or propaganda for a campaign. Many more ways to use DVD advertising could be listed here. The point is, because of the versatility of DVDs regarding sight, sound, and motion, an advertisement video gives companies more opportunities to make different types of presentations.

The following is an extremely creative way that Domino’s Pizza in Brazil used DVD advertising to market their pizza. The DVDs were stamped with thermal ink and flavored varnish sensitive to heat. While people were watching the DVDs, the heat of the DVD player affected the discs. When the discs were ejected, the smell of pizza would fill the room and each disc displayed a mini pizza with the following message: “Did you enjoy the movie? The next one will be even better with a hot and delicious Domino’s Pizza.”

For a marketing advantage, advertisement videos provide an interactive way for companies to present themselves in multiple places whenever their audiences are ready. Advertisement videos can also be used to better target selected customers. People around the world pay more attention to videos than to still images, audio, or text alone. Kids grow up watching videos on all sorts of devices now… even in cars. Recently, I heard about a lady who reads kids books on video so parents can have their kids watch and listen to her rather than them having to read to their kids themselves. Videos are powerful in this day and age, and DVDs are versatile. Since so many people are used to watching videos to experience learning, entertainment, and interaction with others, advertisement videos are a highly effective way to reach more consumers. Furthermore, with the targeting ability DVD advertising offers, marketers can make presentations in more places at any given time directly to the prospective clients they choose.

To highlight the effectiveness of DVD advertising, here are some truths about popular forms of advertising often used by companies. The average open rate of an email campaign is about 3%. For direct mail print pieces, a 2% response is considered above average. Google rankings affect SEO tactics and YouTube videos. Websites and social media are sometimes effective, but it is fair to say that many company decision makers are often too busy to surf the web and marketers never really know when they are going to take the time to do it. Pay-per-click is sometimes effective, but it can get expensive. Also, the only guarantee a company gets with Pay-per-click is that they’ll have to pay Google for the clicks their advertisements receive. Furthermore, the actual conversion rate on those clicks has to be considered, and according to, the average is 2.35%. With all of that said, here is how DVD advertising with a MediaFast QuickMailer compares. According to a study conducted by Survey USA, a MediaFast QuickMailer gets an open and play rate of 20%. Survey USA also reported that 64% of people who watched a MediaFast QuickMailer DVD did so in groups of 5 or more.

Considering the previous data, it is easy to see why companies around the world use DVD advertising for their digital advertising solutions. MediaFast can help companies increase their chances of success with a MediaFast QuickMailer designed to train, motivate, sell, inspire, or advertise for as little as $2 per unit. That includes designing, producing, and mailing. For anyone who doesn’t have the knowledge or ability to make a DVD to impress employees or prospective clients, MediaFast can assist with all of it. They’ve helped numerous companies and individuals brainstorm, plan, script, produce, package, and then mail their DVDs to the clients they target for $2 or less per unit.

To make the most out of your advertising budget, choose MediaFast to assist you with advertisement videos. They’ll help you take advantage of DVD advertising so you can enjoy the benefits it has proven to give thousands of companies searching for the most effective digital advertising solutions.

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