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Why Executives Respond So Positively To Video Mailers

For anyone familiar with Video mailers, it’s not surprising that executives respond so positively to them. They provide an ideal way to make contact because they spike curiosity. Also, the WOW FACTOR they deliver escalates their impressiveness. As a result, return on investment with them is outstanding.

Why Executives Respond So Positively To Video Mailers

In sales and marketing, videos are like a magic ingredient. They increase open and response rates to all types of sales and marketing communication. They also help companies stand out from competitors. At the same time, since consumers now expect companies to have videos available, they often prefer to make purchases from companies who use them.

Easily the greatest benefit Video Mailers produce is that they get the “right” people to watch videos that are ideal for their attention. For instance, according to a report from Forbes, 65% of executives visit a company’s website and 39% actually call them after watching a video about a product, service, or opportunity they are already interested in purchasing. The point being that it curbs procrastination.

What’s more is that it’s common for them to search for videos to learn about ways to improve their own companies. Coincidentally, companies who use videos to show what they offer are usually considered more appealing than their competitors. And, feedback indicates they get rewarded financially for it.

And finally, another benefit is that Video Mailers rarely ever get screened out by gate-keepers or assistants before reaching decision-makers. That makes them significantly different from most other marketing materials, and then after watching them, executives usually can’t resist showing them to others who influence their decisions. Not many other sales and marketing products are responsible for anywhere near as much influence.

Ways Companies Use Video Mailers With Great Success

Selling: Consumers find videos extremely appealing. They also increase the perceived value of companies along with the products, services, and opportunities they sell. As a result, they shorten sales cycles.

Marketing: When sent to the right people, they’re just as effective as TV commercials in many instances. But, they’re much less expensive.

Capitalizing on referrals: Emails, phone calls, and face-to-face visits are great ways to stay in touch with existing customers. At the same time, since some have the ability to produce more referrals than others, Video Mailers provide a more impressive way to contact prospects who come from referrals.

Launching new products, services, and opportunities: This is because consumers usually prefer watching videos over looking at sales and marketing materials with motionless content. They also feel like companies who use videos know better how to communicate with them. In addition, they often come across as more customer-friendly.

Recruiting: Finding successful ways to engage recruits can be challenging. However, Video Mailers provide a highly effective way to overcome those challenges because they’re practically impossible to ignore.

Fundraising: Essentially, people feel inspired to give when they feel connected to a cause. By the same token, videos have proven to enhance storytelling and connect emotionally with viewers. They can also show far more information in much less time. Video Mailers capitalize on that by providing an ideal platform for storytelling, and that’s just another reason why they produce such great results.

To purchase Video Mailers so your company can enjoy how executives respond so positively to them, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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