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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Hanapin Marketing.

Why Leaving Video Brochures With Prospects Is Smart

One of the best ways to ensure your company stays on the minds of prospects after sales calls is to leave Video Brochures with them.

If you’re familiar with the saying, “The way you do one thing is the way you do everything,” leaving such impressive marketing pieces falls right in line with that concept. They’re attention-grabbing, modern, and efficient — all qualities that make companies who use them look fantastic.

Why Leaving Video Brochures With Prospects Is Smart

In today’s world, videos seem to be everywhere. People actually want to watch them about things they’re interested in, and using them is an excellent way to accomplish many important matters in business.

When left with prospects after sales calls, fellow decision-makers can share them with each other to reinforce what they learned. Also, sometimes they may not all be present for an initial sales pitch. However, when salespeople leave Video Brochures before leaving, it makes it possible for them to all hear important points in a way that is much more effective than the majority of other sales tools.

In addition, companies often benefit when sales presentations consist mostly of content that comes straight from them. Coincidentally, Video Brochures tend to help salespeople perform better. In fact, it’s almost impossible to find a sales tool that is even close to as effective.

Also, having attention-grabbing, modern, and efficient marketing tools like Video Brochures to leave with prospects after sales presentations makes companies look more impressive. When used for sales, advertising, marketing, branding, recruiting, training, motivating, fundraising, entertaining and sharing testimonials, they’ve been extremely effective for several years now.

To expound on that, here is a brief list of reasons why Video Brochures are so effective:

  • Companies can target their most likely customers with Video Brochures either by dropping them off or mailing them (Video Mailers).
  • For the money, a custom Video Brochure can be more cost effective to make and distribute than most other popular forms of advertising, marketing, branding, recruiting, training, motivating, fundraising, and ways to share testimonials.
  • Video Brochures are much less expensive than TV commercials but they engage all of the same senses.
  • Video Brochures sometimes perform just as well as TV commercials.
  • Companies enjoy excellent ROI with Video Brochures.
  • Recollection skyrockets in prospects when advertising includes a combination of audio and visual like in Video Brochures.
  • Video content in Video Brochures can be easily changed with most computers, which means companies can update and re-use them.
  • Because recipients find them extremely intriguing, Video Brochures win the battle for attention on desks and in mailboxes.
  • Video Brochures are viewed as novelty items by most recipients, which helps them receive more attention.
  • Case studies show that recipients regularly share them with co-workers and other decision-makers.
  • Video Brochures increase the perceived value of companies and the products and services they advertise in them.
  • Video Brochures have a way of making average salespeople great.
  • Video Brochures create an ideal reason for salespeople to get follow-up appointments, which statistically is extremely helpful in sales.
  • Case studies indicate that people are 85% more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video about it if they’re already interested in buying it.

Why Companies Should Use Video Brochures

To reach their most likely customers, companies still invest thousands of dollars in marketing products even with the power of the internet. However, most marketing products aren’t nearly as effective as Video Brochures.

Video Brochures are classy, easy to deliver, and still novel enough for companies to reach a target audience in what might be the most impressive way. In fact, they’re so interesting that recipients usually can’t resist watching them right away and sharing them with others who influence their decisions.

Effectively, they combine the best of traditional print advertising with new age video marketing to deliver twice the appeal. To recipients, they practically feel like holding a TV commercial in their hands, and ROI with them is usually outstanding.

To learn more about video brochures or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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