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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Baltimore Country Club.

Why Marketing With Videos In Multimedia Products Is Affordable

Do you know marketing with multimedia products can be more affordable than traditional marketing methods and online advertising?

Yes, it’s true.

Even though the individual pieces sometimes cost more than pay-per-click or print marketing materials, these cutting-edge products actually work. See below for pricing, or click that link.

So, what does that mean?

Well, we’ve had clients report as high as a 66% response rate when using them. We’ve also had one tell us they experienced a 70% increase in sales after theirs were distributed.

How do those compare to the marketing results your company has been experiencing?

Video Examples of Multimedia Products

In case you aren’t familiar with them, here are examples of Multimedia Products we’ve created for clients.

Oh, and sometimes they get referred to by different names… Like Video Brochures, Video Mailers, Video Cards and Video Boxes. To learn why, click here. Strange, we know…but it all makes sense.

Why Multimedia Products Are Affordable

In a nutshell, Multimedia Products are often used for targeted marketing campaigns, and the cost can vary depending on quantity ordered and the features you want included in them.

However, the cost of producing them is generally lower than other forms of marketing, and they’re far more effective at capturing the attention of potential customers.

Plus, they practically ensure your videos will get watched. And since the key to successful marketing with videos is making sure the right people watch them, it’s no wonder why these products are so extraordinarily effective.

For instance, how often do print advertising pieces get thrown away without being read?

Or how often do pay-per-click advertisements get ignored? Or worse…clicked on by consumers who aren’t actually considered qualified leads? Regardless, each click still costs the same…and a lot of money gets wasted.

On the other hand, an attention-grabbing video can make all the difference in a marketing campaign. Products like Video Brochures, Video Mailers and Video Boxes will help ensure your videos get watched by your target audience… And you’ll look brilliant using them.

Additionally, they’re reusable, which simply increases their cost-effectiveness. All a user has to do is follow a simple process to change the video content, and bada-boom-bada-bang — they’ve got an updated marketing tool… One their target audience will be intrigued by and enjoy.

To see how simple it is to update video content on a Multimedia Product, click How To Change Content.

So, for $20-$65 per unit, which is typically less than it would cost you to take a prospective client out to lunch or dinner, doesn’t that sound better than flyers, brochures, or PPC?

Video Testimonial of Multimedia Products

Hopefully by now you’re more interested in using Multimedia Products than ever before.

That said, it wouldn’t be cool of us to guarantee success with them. However, what we can say is that they’ll give you an excellent chance at great success, more so than with practically any other marketing product we know.

Why? Because people love videos. The rate at which they respond to them makes a giant difference, and they’re simply far more effective than motionless marketing content commonly found in traditional strategies.

To better explain this, here’s a video testimonial from one of our clients, Dewey Denning.

Great Value Comes From Getting Your Videos Watched

In today’s world where videos seem to be everywhere, they’ve basically become the most effective way to connect with prospective clients.

Here’s why:

  • Most people prefer watching them over reading or looking at motionless content.
  • Videos get more attention than most other forms of marketing communication.
  • Videos increase trust because it’s easier for people to believe what they see and hear.
  • Products, services and opportunities get better understood when videos are used to explain them.
  • Videos are more efficient than written content.
  • Sharing videos helps companies stand out from their competitors.
  • Target audiences appreciate when companies they’re interested in doing business with use videos to connect with them.
  • Consumers respond to videos significantly more often than traditional forms of marketing communication.

When it comes to connecting with targeted prospects, videos are practically unbeatable. However, as was stated previously, the key to having success with them is making sure the right people watch them… And that’s what Multimedia Products excel at doing.

Contact Us For Your FREE Sample

Each month, we confidently send out dozens of FREE samples to prospective clients interested in learning more about our Multimedia Products. We’ve learned that our potential customers appreciate the superior quality ours deliver, and we’re willing to let them compare ours to those of our competitors at any time.

For example, here’s a testimonial from Junmo Jeong:

Our company ordered a video brochure from MediaFast. Before we decided to go with them, we requested a sample from more than 10 different video brochure companies. They were the only company that gave us a great quality sample with an affordable price. Other company’s video brochures were either too expensive or low quality. Print quality is super nice. Delivery date was normal compared to the other companies. And in the end, communication with the sales and production manager was very good. They answered my questions very fast. Thank you!”

And two more things: We include a one-year full warranty, and customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

After reading this, if you’d like to use Multimedia Products to skyrocket your marketing success, or to get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

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