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Why Marketing With Videos Is Prime In 2020

Marketing with videos is prime in 2020 because people prefer to learn about things by watching videos. Whether they’re watching for entertainment or to consume information, consumers actually seek out videos and appreciate when they’re available. They also respond well to them.

Videos Are What Consumers Want

Since videos are what consumers want, companies who make them readily available give themselves an advantage over their competitors.

In marketing, often one of the biggest challenges companies face is getting their target audience to actually pay attention to their messages. However, presenting messages in videos literally makes them more appealing.

For instance, we did an experiment once to test this with several people. We put a written brochure, a letter in an envelope, and a video brochure on their desks. We also sent an email flagged as important to each of them from a company we have personal connections with. All of them opened the video brochure first. Then they gave some attention to the other marketing materials or set them aside for later. When we asked what prompted them to pay attention to the video brochure first, they all basically said the same thing — it just seemed more interesting.

On top of that, according to reports, over 65% of online readers will watch a video if one is available about something they’re interested in. With results like that in mind, videos clearly provide one of the very best ways for companies to connect with consumers in 2020.

Videos Are Ideal For Marketing

Countless research has concluded that consumers in 2020 are much more likely to watch videos than they are to read printed materials or online text about products or services they are interested in. Without a doubt, people just don’t read as much anymore…. and they simply don’t have to. That’s partially because attention spans are shorter in general, but mostly because millions of videos are available for consumers to watch.

For example, watch this video and decide for yourself if the information is easy to consume and if it does a good job of making its points in a short period of time:

As I think you’ll agree, watching that video took far less time than it would take someone to read about what StoreConnect by Hussmann has to offer. Yes, the video lasted almost two minutes, but that’s far less time than it would take someone to find and read all of that information. Also, with regards to the video being almost two minutes long, that’s usually OK when prospects have already confirmed their interest.

Another advantage to using a video is that it makes a company’s message more appealing to hear. Had the same information presented in the video above been presented in a more traditional form of communication, like in a printed brochure or an email, recipients would probably feel less intrigued. This is just another of the many reasons why videos are ideal for marketing.

Video Marketing Products Help Videos Perform Better

Video Marketing Products are ideal for increasing the number of times targeted prospects actually watch videos sent to them. Their open and response rates are excellent, and companies who use them for marketing usually enjoy great ROI.

While posting videos online is an easy way to make them available, only using that strategy isn’t enough to get consumers to watch them often enough. Instead, a more direct approach is usually necessary. For that purpose, Video Marketing Products like Video Brochures, Video Mailers, Video Sample and Gift Boxes, and even USB Flash Drives that include videos are excellent. In most instances, recipients find them hard to ignore. Most people view them as impressive, classy, and efficient, and they definitely help videos produce better results.

To learn more about MediaFast or any of the Video Marketing Products we offer, contact us today.

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