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Why MediaFast?

Why MediaFast is Your Best Option


Designing a POP display, video brochure, or promotional campaign can be difficult, time consuming, and expensive. During the creative phase, it is sometimes difficult to envision how the final product will turn out and how much it will cost. Imagine spending valuable hours designing a point of purchase display (POP display), video brochure, or DVD mailer only to discover that there is no feasible way to produce it. Maybe your design won’t fit the press or the costs exceed your budget. If that happens, you’ve just wasted precious resources and now you have to go back to the drawing board to make corrections in an effort to get the project completed.

Now imagine a better scenario. You have an expert working with you throughout the process from beginning to end. Someone who knows what it will take to get everything printed, manufactured, mailed, and fulfilled on-time. Furthermore, imagine how great you will feel when the costs come in under budget without innovation and style having been sacrificed. This is exactly what MediaFast has done for many clients throughout the years and they can do the same for you. We can’t promise that the costs will come in under budget without hearing about your project and knowing your budget, but with our expertise and efficient processes, we’ve done that for clients quite often.


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Introducing MediaFast’s 3-Dimensional Approach to Printing, Packaging, and Design


The MediaFast team is an expert collaborator. The 3-dimensional approach used for printing, packaging, and design allows us to combine your goals with our knowledge of the specifications required to fulfill them so you are satisfied with the end result and happy you worked with us.

The first thing we do is brainstorm with our clients using our experience and resources to ensure their ideas for promotional products are innovative and affordable.


We’ve helped our clients cut their costs in half when they’ve included us in the design process from the very beginning.

Right from the beginning, we tailor design to be functional and cost effective. We know how to save money for our clients on materials, printing, and mailing. We’ve helped countless businesses and purchasing departments reduce their promotional budgets by thousands of dollars.


With over 150 years of combined experience within our development team, we have the expertise to bring our client’s projects from the initial idea phases to the final delivery of their media products. When clients rely on us to assist in designing, printing, packaging, and fulfilling their promotional campaigns, they no longer have to worry about winding up over budget in the end.


When clients work with our design team, they don’t waste time on unattainable ideas. Instead, we focus on providing clients with the information and innovation necessary to have their concepts become reality so they receive a product in the end that satisfies their needs and makes them look good in the eyes of their customers.

We’ve created countless Video Brochures, Point of Purchase Displays (POP Displays), MediaFast QuickMailers, and various promotional items, but it is likely that we’ve never seen anything quite like what you have in mind for your next promotional campaign. No need to worry though! We excel at providing custom media and solutions for even the most challenging projects and circumstances!


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