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The is a Point of Purchase Display with a video screen made by MediaFast for Kenneth Cole.

Why Point Of Purchase Displays Are Even More Effective Now

Point of Purchase Displays are even more effective now because videos have been added to them. Not only do they attract more looks from shoppers, but they also grab and hold their attention. Then the video content educates and amuses them, and they’re far more effective than motionless images or words. As a result, more sales occur.

Videos In Retail Settings Improve Customer Retention

In marketing, videos are like a magic ingredient. Consumers enjoy them, and decision-makers seek them out when trying to improve their companies or their lives.

Ever since engineers found ways to add them to POP Displays, they’ve improved them as well. They add energy inside stores. They also improve the vibe shoppers feel while drawing them to information that helps them make purchasing decisions. Furthermore, impulse purchases are responsible for a great deal of revenue in retail, and videos are excellent for increasing them.

With regards to retail visits, they’re intended to be quick for most people. Shoppers usually hurry along while picking out the same items they’ve been buying for the last several years. However, from what research has shown, attractive Point of Purchase Displays being strategically placed in stores prompts shoppers to feel like staying in them longer. Then they’re tempted to make more purchases. And they often do.

In addition to that, strategically placed POP Displays help shoppers evaluate other brands while giving them the opportunity to determine if they’re better options than what they’ve been using. The more organization and value retail stores offer, the more likely their loyal customers are to continue shopping at them.

In a nutshell, while traditional POP Displays served their purposes well, the addition of videos has made them even more effective now. Feedback from suppliers says videos help them sell more products and services. And at the same time, store owners who strategically utilize them enjoy a great boost in revenue.

Examples Of When POP Displays Are Even More Effective

Technology has enabled videos to improve our world in many ways. Having them in Point of Purchase Displays is just one of several ways they’ve benefited retail sales. With that said, another great benefit for store owners is that they give them the ability to reduce the responsibilities of their salespeople.

Basically, they allow employees to focus more on other tasks that deliver great benefits to shoppers and owners. At the same time, for shoppers, videos often do a better job of explaining the pros and cons to using specific products. Why? Because the videos are usually made by the product manufacturers. Therefore, the information is more reliable, and they instill more confidence in potential buyers.

Also, one of the other huge benefits of using POP Displays is that they give store owners one last shot at making sales to consumers before they leave. For instance, check-out stations are where consumers spend a lot of time. By then, they’re past the point of rushing through stores while picking out everything they intended to buy. Instead, they’re just ready to check-out so they can leave. While waiting, it’s only natural for them to look around and consider buying other products specifically highlighted in Point of Purchase Displays near where they’re standing. It’s in those specific moments when revenue boosting impulse purchases frequently occur.

Get An Excellent Point Of Purchase Display From MediaFast

In the digital world we live in, Point of Purchase Displays with videos produce great results. For instance, at the most opportune moment, one can grab a shopper’s attention and motivate them to make a purchase.

At MediaFast, we understand how a well designed Point of Purchase Display with a video in it will enhance the shopping experience for consumers. Not only will it help products stand out from their competitors, but it will also increase revenue for manufacturers and retail store owners. Also, since ours are made with only brand new, Grade A components, they produce the most reliability.

If you’re a manufacturer or store owner who’d like to purchase Point of Purchase Displays so your company can benefit from how well they perform, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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