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Why Too Much Humor Could Hurt Your Video Marketing Success

Humor is often good, but there are times when it could hurt your video marketing success. To be the most effective, marketing videos should primarily focus on how they’ll make viewers feel.

Why Humor Could Hurt Your Video Marketing Success

Effectively, the goal of marketing is to increase brand recognition and generate revenue for companies. It isn’t just to entertain viewers. Nor is it to confuse or offend. When those things happen without consumers understanding the marketing purpose of a video, it usually ends up being totally ineffective.

Also, when videos are entertaining but fail to make their marketing messages completely clear, it’s common for viewers to miss out on understanding their intended message. Even if they get a lot of views, they often fail to convert viewers into paying customers.

Just as importantly, it helps to remember that people have different feelings and opinions about things. Sometimes what is funny to some isn’t funny to others. Instead, they might feel offended or turned off. Without knowing a person’s true character, it’s hard to know how they truly feel, especially about controversial subjects. Also, we never know when something that seems completely innocent might stir up bad memories or cause negative feelings. And, it’s important for people to take others seriously in business. With that in mind, taking risks with humor in marketing usually isn’t worth it.

And finally, even though sometimes it’s easy to make people laugh, it’s often more challenging to make them trust something or someone. For example, if an intro is silly, it also needs to give viewers enough value and education to stick around and watch the rest. Then, if they feel educated and like they can trust whoever is presenting, there will be a better chance of motivating them to visit a website, accept an offer, or sign up for an event.

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