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Why USB Flash Drives Are Still Relevant

Yes, USB flash drives are still relevant. To some, this may be surprising. However, unless the need for security diminishes or the internet becomes available everywhere at all times, USB flash drives will continue to play an important role in the digital world we live in.

Even with The Cloud, USB flash drives are still necessary

To put it simply, The Cloud cannot provide all of the benefits USB flash drives can provide. They complement each other well, and one is not going to make the other obsolete.

The following is a list of some of their major differences:

  • The Cloud requires an internet connection.
  • USB flash drives do not require an internet connection.
  • The Cloud allows for quick, easy access to stored data that can be edited via any device with an internet connection.
  • USB flash drives require a user to use an electronic device with a USB port to access and edit data.
  • The Cloud does not offer a physical way to keep data safe.
  • USB flash drives offer an excellent physical way to keep data safe (they’re small, easy to hide, and usually durable).
  • The Cloud allows for restricted access to data by the service provider. Each Cloud service provider has its own conditions for users to meet before they access data.
  • USB flash drives allow access to be restricted by the owners/users themselves if they choose.
  • The Cloud doesn’t make an impact in marketing because it is not a physical device that can display a logo, branding, or any other marketing content specific to companies who use it.
  • USB flash drives are physical devices that are better for marketing because they can be designed to display a company’s logo, branding, and other marketing content.
  • The Cloud, while excellent for storing and sharing data, is limited to mostly those two purposes.
  • USB flash drives, in addition to the variety of ways they can be used, can run software applications and operating systems directly from the units themselves (to learn more, follow this link: 10 Coolest Ways To Use USB Flash Drives).

USB flash drives are still extremely useful

In addition to increased storage size, significant improvements have been made in USB flash drives to improve their read and write speed. As a result, an impressive decrease in the amount of time it takes to transfer files between computers and USB flash drives has been made to benefit those who use them.

With the understanding they’re still relevant, here is a list of ways people still use USB flash drives:

  1. Promotional tools – They are excellent for marketing and branding, and they can be customized to make memorable gifts.
  2. Data storage – In them, data can be safely stored and taken practically anywhere.
  3. Resumes – A resume on a USB flash drive is a tech-savvy way to help an applicant stand out above others.
  4. Portfolios – Photographers, artists, designers, and other professionals can benefit from storing and sharing their portfolios on USB flash drives.
  5. Catalogues – Instead of printing an extensive product catalog with oodles of pages, companies can make a digital version and load it on a USB flash drive. This can save a lot of money and it definitely makes a catalog easier to carry and/or distribute.
  6. Training – While it can sometimes be expensive for companies to gather employees into one live setting, companies can share training videos on USB flash drives their employees can watch whenever it is best for them.
  7. Orientation – Putting welcome letters, employee handbooks, and other important policy information on a USB flash drive allows it to be easily accessed or transferred to any computer device for quick reference.
  8. Testimonials – Video testimonials much more impactful than those shared in motionless text or images.
  9. Recruiting – Video tours and sales pitches can be presented impressively with USB flash drives.
  10. Keepsakes – Photos, special events, certificates, and other keepsakes fit safely on USB flash drives.
  11. Musical performances – Fans and musicians can keep performances on USB flash drives to share and watch whenever they desire.
  12. Sharing presentations – Having a copy of a presentation on a USB flash drive is an excellent way to allow an audience to review a presentation they may or may not have been able to attend.

Additionally, USB flash drives can hold bootable versions of operating systems. Because of this, whenever a hard drive fails, a user who has a stored version of their computer’s operating system on a USB flash drive doesn’t have to take their computer to a repair shop to get it fixed.

USB flash drives are definitely still relevant

As you can see from the list above, USB flash drives are still highly purposeful. Computer repair technicians use them regularly, and tech-savvy individuals often use them for many other reasons than those described in the list.

Based on all of this, we don’t believe they’ll become irrelevant or obsolete anytime soon.

To learn about the custom USB flash drives we offer or any of our other marketing products, contact us today.

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