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This is a MediaFast video brochure for Zagula Management.

Why Using Video Mailers Is Excellent Advertising And Marketing

Using Video Mailers is excellent advertising and marketing because they’re highly impressive and ensure videos get watched by a target audience. By doing so, they provide one of the most impactful ways to make a strong impression on potential clients. Once you’ve seen one in action, it’s easy to see why return on investment with them is outstanding.

Video Mailers Make A Great Impact

While Video Mailers are still fairly new, there is now several years worth of data to support the following statement: They are one of the most impactful advertising and marketing tools companies can use. They’re innovative and engaging. They communicate value. They also grab attention right away while being impossible to ignore. For these and other reasons, they give companies a distinct advantage over their competitors.

Furthermore, one of the best strategies companies can use to get attention from targeted prospects is to use videos. By combining images with sound and motion, they make messages more appealing. They also feel like they take less effort to consume. And, calls-to-action in them are usually rewarded with a better response.

For companies, videos make whatever they offer in the marketplace easier to sell. This is true whether they’re classified as business-to-business or business-to-consumer. Since Video Mailers are so effective at helping videos get watched by the right people, it’s easy to understand why they make such a great impact.

Video Mailers Leave Lasting Impressions

The primary goal of advertising and marketing is to help companies stick in the minds of consumers. That also pertains to their products, services, and opportunities. When done successfully, a company’s most likely customers will remember them in the most opportune moments – when they want or need what they offer.

According to Dr. Art Kohn, people forget 90% of what they learn within one week. He says it happens not so much because we forget, but because our brains are constantly being bombarded with information from our senses and we can’t possibly focus on all of it. For example, our feet are constantly telling our brain how they feel and where they are. Or, senses around our body are constantly communicating how our clothes feel. Because of this constant communication, our brains have learned to ignore the majority of it so we can focus on the one or two things we deem as the most important every second we’re awake.

With that in mind, our brains naturally remember messages that make a strong impact. Since Video Mailers engage multiple senses – vision, hearing, touch, etc. – companies who use them benefit from their products, services, and opportunities being more memorable. They also benefit from an increase in perceived value and shortened sales cycles.

Video Content Is Highly Effective In Advertising And Marketing

Modern consumers are drawn more to video content than they are to motionless text and images. As well, videos enable companies to say more in less time, which makes them efficient. They increase trust because people generally have an easier time believing what they see. And, while that is probably enough to explain their effectiveness, they also capture attention, maintain engagement, and build relationships. All of these are key reasons why they work so well in business.

With all of that said, advertising and marketing strategies are far more likely to be effective when Video Marketing Products like Video Mailers are included. They’re like TV commercials people can hold in their hands, and recipients enjoy them (unlike many other sales and marketing tools).

To purchase Video Mailers so your company can capitalize on the excellent advertising and marketing products they are, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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