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Why Video Brochures Are Awesome For Salespeople

From what we’ve learned, video brochures have the ability to make average salespeople great. They’re ideal for breaking the ice when new prospects are being met, and they also introduce key elements early on in relationships to make developing them even easier.

Distributing Video Brochures Makes Sales Easier

Before elaborating on some of the major advantages video brochures produce, the following video shows video brochures and video mailers in action. If you’ve ever had the chance to hold one, you already know they’re practically like holding a TV commercial in your hands.

Advantages Provided By Video Brochures In Sales

Video brochures provide a lot of advantages for salespeople. For example, prospects get excited when they receive them. They also respond well to them. On the other side of the interaction, salespeople love distributing video brochures because they quickly learn how much easier their work can become if they use them.

To be more specific, here is a brief list of advantages video brochures provide in sales:

  1. Because they’re modern, cutting-edge, classy, and super interesting, they make introductions less intimidating and easier to execute.
  2. By combining images with sound and motion, they have the ability to say substantially more in less time.
  3. Companies who provide them for their salespeople can feel confident their messages are being presented in a modern, classy, and impressive way.
  4. Video brochures can be directly handed to, dropped off, or mailed to targeted prospects.
  5. They feel like more of a priority to receptionists and mailroom clerks.
  6. Decision-makers find it practically impossible to ignore them.
  7. They routinely get shared with co-workers and people who influence decision-makers.
  8. Companies who distribute them enjoy an increase in perceived value.
  9. They help companies stand out from competitors.
  10. Since video brochures often need to be picked back up, they create an ideal reason for salespeople to get follow-up appointments.

While there are many more advantages, what most people want to know at this point is how much they cost and what amount of ROI they normally produce. To get answers to those questions, please click the following links: Video Brochure Prices and Get The Best ROI From Video Brochures

Why Video Brochures Are Awesome For Salespeople

When using cutting-edge, state-of-the-art sales tools, salespeople often feel more relaxed and confident. They’re also able to talk less and listen more, which prospects usually appreciate, and sales presentations usually feel more interesting when video brochures are used.

When it comes to getting the attention of targeted prospects, the advantages video brochures provide are practically unmatched. As a result, salespeople are usually able to make more sales.

On top of that, salespeople tend to feel more energized when they have video brochures to distribute. The boost in confidence they feel as a result of knowing their chances of making sales increase as long as they keep their video brochures circulating gives them added excitement, and the impressive element they add to introductions decreases the amount of intimidation they normally feel when prospecting.

And finally, one of the greatest advantages video brochures offer in sales is that they allow companies to sell without salespeople having to be at their best or even involved throughout the entire sales cycle. The videos in them usually do a lot of the work, and traditional sales tools simply don’t have the ability to make as much of an impact.

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