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Why Video Brochures Deliver Powerful Marketing

If you’re a marketer or business owner, you’re probably reading this because you’re looking for a way to deliver powerful marketing to your target audience. Well, Video Brochures will do that.

Seriously, our clients tell us their open and response rates blow away other strategies they’ve tried. In fact, one reported a 70% increase in sales after theirs were distributed. Pretty amazing, right?

Here’s Why Video Brochures Deliver Powerful Marketing

Using the power of videos, companies are now able to show their value in practically the most effective way possible. Okay, okay… Maybe they’re not quite as effective as something like a sample or a test drive, but for some products they kind of are.

Anyway, in addition to making them look modern and impressive, they also help them successfully engage decision-makers. Why? Because executives, just like so many of us these days, enjoy and appreciate them.

With that said, sometimes the key to marketing success with videos is simply finding a way to get your target audience to watch them. Well, with great presence and effectiveness, Video Brochures do that.

As amazing as they are, here are 8 results they typically produce:

  1. Recipients are genuinely impressed after receiving them.
  2. After watching them, they can’t resist the urge to know more.
  3. They respond.
  4. Qualified leads come flying in.
  5. Sales opportunities skyrocket.
  6. Sales cycles become shorter.
  7. Referrals become easier to get.
  8. Companies who use them enjoy a wonderful boost in revenue.

True story… Those results are common, and they’re reasons why so many companies continue to use them over and over again.

Video Brochures In Action

To see what I mean about the effectiveness of videos, here’s a short one showing Video Brochures in action.

Why Target Audiences Respond To Videos

For well over a decade now, videos have outperformed other strategies in marketing and advertising. The combination of images with sound and motion they engage viewers with is captivating. Because of it, there may not be a better way for companies to engage decision-makers with messages that are ideal for them.

Effectively, they grab attention, arouse emotions, and present details more accurately than motionless content. All the while, they’re efficient. They also feel like they take less effort to watch, increase trust, and elevate perceived value.

Ohhh, and they’re easy for decision-makers to share with others who influence their decisions.

Thinking about all of this, it’s easy to see why target audiences respond to them. And now, with Video Brochures, there’s a modern, appealing way to deliver videos directly to their attention — one that rarely ever gets ignored or set aside.

MediaFast Video Brochures Deliver Powerful Marketing

At MediaFast, we’re aware that sometimes it can be a challenge for companies to design cost-effective marketing solutions. Whether it’s because of the creativity and range of materials it takes to produce them, or the resources they may not have… we understand.

Fortunately, that’s our specialty and we can deliver those cost-effective marketing solutions for you.

Essentially, from the moment our clients decide to work with us to the moment their projects are complete, they benefit from our industry-leading resources. We know what it takes to design, print, manufacture, and deliver highly effective Video Marketing Products on time, and we’d love to do the same for you.

Ohhh, and by the way, the majority of companies in our industry charge extra for many of the variables that we include for FREE. To learn more, click this link: MediaFast Video Marketing Products Won’t Let You Down

To place an order so your company can use Video Brochures to deliver powerful marketing, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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