Why Video Brochures Work

You know consumers would use your product or services if only they would give it any attention. With video brochures, you are sure to catch the attention of anyone you want. If you handed them a regular three-fold brochure, they might not think twice before discarding it in the next trash bin. But with video brochures, they are sure to be instantly captivated.

Easy to Share

Not only are you able to grab potential customer’s attention, they are also much more likely to retain your message if they are able to see and hear it in video form. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to make them watch commercials, even if you’re playing it on your iPad while you are walking down the street. No one wants to stand and talk to a stranger, which is why handing out brochures is much more effective.

Amazing Success Rate

With video brochures, you can even mail them directly to who you think might be most interested and persuaded by your product or services. Not only are people more interested because of the channel they are receiving it through, but they are also more likely to respond to a video brochure than they are to a regular brochure. Studies have shown that video expedites buying decisions by 72 percent.

Tell a Story

Nothing can tell a story better than sight and sound put together. Video brochures give you just that opportunity and you can do it anywhere. Put your money on a promotion tactic that will really work and use video brochures for your company.