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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Hammer Packaging.

Why Video Mailers Are A Whopping Success

Over the past year or so, video mailers have proven to be a whopping success. Not only do recipients respond to them well according to the feedback we’ve received, but they also provide a perfect way to get video brochures in the hands of targeted prospects during this time when social distancing is becoming the norm.

Video Mailers Are Excellent In Marketing With Social Distancing

With people spending so much more time at home, companies are relying more and more on videos for communication. Even before COVID-19 introduced itself as a worldwide pandemic several weeks ago, videos had already become an excellent strategy in marketing. Now, they’re simply more useful.

One of the main factors for the success of videos is that in general, people just don’t read as much anymore. Digital communication has become the norm and the rewards for companies who transitioned to using videos for more purposes have been quite profitable.

On top of that, to increase the likelihood of targeted prospects watching videos made by companies who consider them ideal users for their products or services, video marketing products are outstanding. In some instances, salespeople aren’t really needed when Video Marketing Products are used. In others, they simply make salespeople much more effective.

With regards to video mailers, where they truly shine is when salespeople try to engage prospects who are hard to reach. For that purpose, they have become a whopping success. To learn more about video marketing products like video mailers, click this link: Enjoy Great ROI With These Video Marketing Products

Decision-Makers Watch Videos In Video Mailers

For viewers, videos provide visual impact, simplicity, and immediate satisfaction for their desires for knowledge and entertainment. They also engage more senses than reading and hearing, which makes messages easier to pay attention to and remember, and they feel like they take less effort to consume. Those qualities make them more effective in business as well as more appealing to decision-makers.

In today’s world, companies who use videos to communicate help themselves greatly. The younger generation seems to pay more attention to videos and less attention to traditional forms of communication, and knowing videos exist makes them more likely to prefer working with companies who use them. Also, people in older generations seem to prefer videos because of how much better they present information than more traditional methods of communication.

Interestingly, according to Review 42, 65% of executives visit websites of companies who send videos to them advertising products or services they might be interested in. Also, 39% of executives actually call companies after watching videos about products or services they’re interested in. When doing research, decision-makers actually seek out videos to learn about strategies, opportunities, products and services to help their companies improve.

What makes video mailers so much more effective than almost all other methods of distributing videos is that they’re truly much more interesting to decision-makers. For this reason, ROI with video mailers is reportedly outstanding.

Video Mailers Can Be An Ideal Solution During COVID-19

If you’re someone who normally travels for business but can’t due to COVID-19, or if a convention you were going to attend has cancelled, video mailers provide a great solution to engage prospects and communicate with colleagues. Recipients tend to respond to them almost immediately, and they work phenomenally well for sales, marketing, fundraising, training, reporting, and many other purposes.

As a way for companies to continue conducting business while dealing with the challenges of COVID-19, using cutting-edge video marketing products like video mailers is a fantastic solution.

To learn more about video mailers or any of the other video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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