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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Hammer Packaging.

Why Video Mailers Are Excellent In Advertising and Marketing

Video Mailers are excellent in advertising and marketing. For several years now, our customers have reported a spike in revenue not long after mailing them. Whether it’s because they’re innovative, attention-grabbing, impressive, or because they combine the best of print advertising or marketing with video, they’re extremely effective. Surprisingly, they’re also more affordable than many people think.

Video Mailers Convert Leads Into Paying Customers

At the end of the day, if companies aren’t getting qualified leads from their advertising or marketing, they’re just throwing money away. On the other hand, one technique proven to warm up leads and/or convert them into paying customers is the use of Video Mailers.

To be successful in general, advertising and marketing are necessary for most companies. In an effort to make that happen, they spend thousands of dollars on websites, Google ads, postcards, magazine ads, SEO, social media, and other forms of advertising and marketing from one year to the next. However, if the leads they receive don’t convert into paying customers, they get frustrated and sometimes even stop spending money on advertising or marketing all together, which is not a good decision. A better choice would be to accept advertising and marketing as a necessary business practice and to find a solution that works, like Video Mailers.

Video Mailers are like door openers that reportedly deliver a 66% increase in response rate. They’re a modern solution many companies wish they would have discovered sooner, and they’re easily one of the very best ways for companies to use Video Brochures. To learn more, click this link: Your Video Brochure Can Perform Like A TV Commercial

How Video Mailers Convert Leads Into Paying Customers

While Video Brochures have become extremely popular, companies have discovered they can profit just as much or more by sending them in the mail as Video Mailers. They come in custom packaging, making them much better for branding, and we offer a complete mailing service for customers wanting to take advantage of it.

From the moment they’re received, they’re hard for recipients to ignore. They feel like gifts begging to be opened, and when recipients do open them, they’re greeted immediately with impressive, HD quality video and sound that delivers a message in a unique, unforgettable way.

While traditional brochures and paper flyers usually get thrown away almost immediately, the novel, cutting edge quality of Video Mailers prompts recipients to keep them for repeated viewings. Naturally, recipients share them with others because of how impressive they feel, which means more decision-makers view them, and doors tend to open that might otherwise have never been opened. Many face-to-face meetings with executives that might previously have been unresponsive often happen as well. Sometimes, Video Mailers even make sales themselves.

Video Mailers Are Excellent In Advertising and Marketing

Video Mailers do an outstanding job of drawing a response from a target audience. In addition to being highly impressive, they reach the desks of decision-makers quickly, which is one of the reasons why return on investment with them is reportedly excellent.

If you’ve ever seen one in action, you’re probably well aware of how impressive they are. In case you haven’t, here’s a quick video of Video Brochures in action (Video Mailers are basically Video Brochures that get sent in the mail with custom packaging, which helps make them even more effective).

As the video showed, Video Mailers provide a unique combination of traditional print advertising or marketing with video content to deliver a powerful message to targeted prospects. Companies rave about their performance, and we see no reason why they won’t continue to rise in popularity as results with them continue to be fantastic.

To purchase Video Mailers so your company can be excellent in advertising and marketing or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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