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This is a MediaFast video brochure for The Eifrig Group.

Why Video Mailers Can Be The Key To Your Marketing Success

The key to your marketing success may very well be Video Mailers. In addition to providing the perfect way to get Video Brochures into their hands, they respond to them extremely well. And, as you probably know, Video Brochures are practically like TV commercials, but they cost much less while still being extremely effective.

Video Mailers Capitalize On The Effectiveness Of Videos

Over the past decade or so, companies have been relying increasingly on videos for communication. Even before COVID-19 shut most of our world down, videos had already proven to make for an excellent marketing strategy.

One of the main reasons for their success is because people simply don’t want to read as much anymore. Instead, they prefer videos because they show more information in less time. They also feel like they take less effort to consume, and they feel more trustworthy while giving a more clear perspective on things. As a result, companies who transitioned into using them more often have been rewarded in more ways than just financially. They’re also viewed as more employee and consumer friendly. And, they’ve benefited from making themselves more efficient.

With that said, as a way for companies to increase the likelihood of their targeted prospects watching their videos, Video Marketing Products are outstanding. In some cases, salespeople aren’t even needed when they’re used. In other cases, they simply make them more effective.

Furthermore, the times when they truly shine are when salespeople mail them to prospects who are hard to reach. For that purpose, they work amazingly well, which is another reason why they can be the key to your marketing success.

Why Video Mailers Can Be The Key To Your Marketing Success

In today’s digital world, executives seek out videos when they’re looking for ways to help their companies. So do consumers for their personal lives. For all of us, videos provide visual impact, simplicity, and immediate satisfaction to our desires for knowledge and entertainment. They also engage more senses than reading, which makes them easier to pay attention to and remember.

With that said, companies who rely on videos give themselves distinct advantages. The younger generation seems to pay more attention to them and less attention to traditional forms of communication. On top of that, they know videos exist and tend to discover companies who use them. Likewise, people in older generations seem to prefer videos as well because of how thoroughly and efficiently they present information.

Interestingly, according to Review 42, 65% of executives visit websites of companies who send videos to them. Also, 39% of executives actually call companies after watching videos about products or services they’re interested in.

When it comes to Video Mailers, what makes them so effective is that they’re simply more interesting. As a result, return on investment with them is reportedly outstanding, which is precisely why they can be the key to your marketing success.

Get Top-Of-The-Line Video Mailers From MediaFast

In conclusion, Video Mailers provide an outstanding way for companies to engage targeted prospects. Even ones who are less likely to respond tend to respond to them almost immediately.

So, why should you buy them from MediaFast? Because all of our products are made with only brand new, Grade A components to ensure the best quality. On top of that, we are the only company in our industry to include a full warranty on everything we sell. To learn more, click this link: Best Quality and Full Warranty.

Another advantage to buying from us is that we do not lock video content on the Video Marketing Products we sell. What that means is our customers can change the videos on their products whenever they want without having to buy new ones, which makes them re-usable, and saves them money.

To purchase Video Mailers to see if they’ll be the key to your marketing success, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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