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Why Video Marketing Products Provide An Excellent Strategy

When it comes to marketing, Video Marketing Products provide an excellent strategy. In addition to helping companies become more appealing to their most likely customers, they help them capitalize on the power of videos.

How Video Marketing Products Provide An Excellent Strategy

Video Marketing has been helping companies connect significantly better with their target audience for several years now. From basic animations to live streaming and new social media formats, the consensus opinion is, it has risen to the top of marketing strategies.

Here are some telling statistics from Oberlo to emphasize that point:

  • 76% of marketers say videos have helped their company increase sales.
  • 81% of individuals have purchased a product or service after watching a video about it.
  • 66% more qualified leads are produced by video marketing each year.
  • 87% of marketing professionals use video content as a marketing tool.
  • 88% of companies who use video marketing are satisfied with the ROI it produces.

Judging from those numbers, it’s easy to see how Video Marketing Products provide an excellent strategy for companies who use it.

One of the main reasons videos are so effective is that they make it easy for people to connect emotionally with a product, service or opportunity. Seeing the non-verbal communication of a presenter creates a sense of familiarity and trust. It also helps people visualize themselves using whatever is being presented, often in a way that will help them solve a problem or make their life better.

Effectively, sometimes the best way for companies to do great marketing is to make their presentations unique and impressive. Video Marketing Products definitely accomplish those two things, and as a result, they produce better ROI than practically all other sales or marketing tools.

Video Marketing Products Deliver A Human Touch

For several years now, Video Marketing Products like Video Brochures and Point of Purchase Displays With Videos have been helping companies make more sales and gain new clients. Video Mailers and Video Gift and Sample Boxes have been doing the same.

One of the main reasons for this is because messages presented in them come with a human touch that other sales and marketing tools simply can’t deliver. Subsequently, they feel more intimate and engaging than most other forms of communication, which in turn, helps them be more influential. For example, watching a video helps someone learn substantially more information in less time than reading about most products, services, or opportunities, which is one of the primary reasons why most people prefer them.

For users, one of the greatest benefits of using Video Marketing Products is that they’re almost impossible for recipients to ignore. Also, after they watch them, they usually can’t resist the urge to share them with others who influence their decisions. Essentially, that is why return on investment with them is so much better than more traditional marketing and advertising products.

For example, an average order of Video Brochures costs between $20 and $65 per unit. By spending that amount, companies give themselves a marketing piece that grabs attention, is easy to distribute, capitalizes on the power of videos, sells, promotes, trains, and motivates people to respond to calls-to-action better than most other strategies. In fact, one sale usually recoups their cost, and if that doesn’t make them worth it, what else could?

Effectively, how Video Marketing Products deliver a human touch is by prompting consumers to feel like companies being represented in them are more reliable and relatable. For producers, how they make an audience feel affects whether or not viewers emotionally buy into what they’re selling. Coincidentally, videos have proven to provide the precious opportunity for companies to make themselves trustworthy, likable, and relatable, and when they accomplish those things with humanized content, it increases their chances of making sales substantially.

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