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Why Video Should Be The Central Component Of A Marketing Plan

Because of how effective it has proven to be, video should be the central component of almost every company’s marketing plan. This has actually been the case for several years now. Whether it’s for sales and marketing, or education and training, video content has proven to peak interest and connect with people more effectively than most other forms of communication.

Video Content Is Versatile And Extremely Effective

Video has transformed how businesses market themselves and how consumers shop. It has revolutionized how salespeople connect with prospects and convert them into paying customers. At the same time, it has changed how service teams support and satisfy their customers. Effectively, as a versatile tool, it has fundamentally changed the entire customer buying journey.

Furthermore, the ways to use it seem endless. For instance, there are on-boarding videos, introduction videos, educational videos, how-to videos, question and answer videos, presentation videos, demonstration videos, and testimonial videos.

With that said, what is important for companies to know is that consumers want them, and the level of quality really doesn’t matter in many cases. Sometimes, prospective buyers actually prefer lower quality, authentic videos because they seem more genuine and easier to trust. More than anything, they just want videos to be available to help them gather information and make decisions.

Why Video Should Be The Central Component Of A Marketing Plan

In general, with regards to entertainment and learning, videos have become most people’s preference. Why is this the case? Mostly because videos feel easier to watch than reading or only listening to information. As well, images with sound and motion help them be more efficient and engaging, with motion being the key difference-maker.

Those reasons are also why videos have become increasingly dominant in social media. Executives and consumers search for them when looking for ideas or information to satisfy their own wants and needs. As a result, companies who have them readily available give themselves an advantage over their competitors.

With all of that said, here is why video should be the central component of a marketing plan: For the past five years or so, there has been a surge in the popularity of video as a marketing strategy. Specifically, according to HubSpot, it was in 2017 when using videos actually became the most productive marketing strategy. Now, more than 50% of consumers want to see videos from companies they are considering buying products or services from. And, they say watching videos actually helps them make purchasing decisions easier and with more confidence.

Get Outstanding Video Marketing Products From MediaFast

Among marketing strategies, the popularity of videos has vaulted Video Marketing to the top of the list. As a result, Video Marketing Products such as Video Brochures, Video Mailers, Video Point of Purchase Displays, and Video Gift and Sample Boxes have become extremely impactful.

As stated previously, when given the choice, most people prefer watching videos over reading or listening to audio when trying to learn about products, services, or opportunities. Nevertheless, while posting videos online is one way to get people to watch them, the major challenge is actually getting the “right” people to find them.

To overcome that challenge, a proven strategy is to use Video Marketing Products. In addition to having an extremely high open and response rate, they rarely ever get set aside or ignored like many other marketing and sales tools. Furthermore, return on investment with them is outstanding, and they’re much more impactful than practically every traditional marketing or sales tool.

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