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This is a MediaFast video brochure for the Kentucky Derby.

Why Videos Perform Better In Tangible Marketing Products

Feedback indicates videos perform significantly better in tangible marketing products. Video content is the best thing going in marketing, and the individual attention it receives in Video Marketing Products makes it easy to understand why.

Why Videos Perform Better In Tangible Marketing Products

Recently, we had a customer tell us what she loved most about the Video Brochure sample we sent her. She said what made the greatest difference was that she was able to watch the video content without any distractions. She said it helped her feel like she was more connected to it. Also, even though the piece included six videos, she enjoyed watching every one because of how it presented them.

To be more specific, she attributed her ability to focus and remain engaged to the following reasons:

  1. Since the video content didn’t come in an email, she wasn’t leery about clicking on a link to watch it. There was no danger of a virus or malware infecting any of her electronic devices.
  2. Since many email filters automatically send emails with video links straight to spam or junk mail folders, that wasn’t a possibility (she was thinking about it from her customer’s perspectives when she includes video links in her emails).
  3. She wasn’t bothered by popups or notifications she would have normally received if she would have been watching the videos on any of her own devices.
  4. Since there weren’t any other windows open next to the video she was watching, she was able to put whatever else she might have been working on or thinking about out of her mind.
  5. Holding the Video Brochure in her hands made consuming the information feel more real and significantly more impactful (she said she was captivated the entire time).

Receiving feedback like this is quite common for us after prospective customers receive our samples. The reason why we mail free samples of Video Brochures, Video Mailers, and Video Boxes is because our products stand out from our competitors. The quality in them is exceptional, and the only way to prove it is by letting our prospects experience it for themselves.

Why Videos Perform So Well In Video Marketing Products

People love videos. Because of it, most companies are using them with great success for many different purposes. With that said, why is it true?

First, they combine images with sound and motion to engage more senses. The result is that viewers feel more interested and engaged. An easy way for anyone to test this is to ask around. What most people say is that they would much rather watch a video about a product, service, or opportunity they’re interested in than read or look at motionless text or images about it.

Second, consuming information from videos feels like less work. Content in videos is often easier to follow, and significantly more memorable.

Third, videos say and show more information in less time. For example, when companies use videos to present testimonials, how-to instructions, product demonstrations, or interesting promotional information about themselves, consumers are usually appreciative while consuming the information.

And finally, videos capture attention and build a sense of familiarity. Humans are hardwired to recognize faces, and people are more likely to understand and trust what someone is saying in a video when they can see the person behind the voice. For the most part, when humans think of speech, they think of it as something they hear. However, when they think of watching a video, they think of it as something they see and hear, which is often much more appealing.

To purchase any of our Video Marketing Products so your company can benefit from how videos perform better in tangible marketing products, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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