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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Crohn's & Colitis Foundation.

Why You Should Be Marketing With Video Brochures

When choosing a video marketing strategy, many companies have found that using video brochures has produced the best ROI.

Marketing decisions often determine how successful a company becomes, and in today’s digital world, marketing with videos is practically essential.

With that in mind, regardless of what product or service is being sold, the next logical step for a marketing department is to determine how to optimize the circumstances and the number of times their video is seen.

The importance of marketing

Companies who market themselves generally outproduce their competitors. If you think about it, we are all in marketing. Anytime we are hoping to gain something from someone else, we are in marketing. When consumers are ready to make purchases, the chances of our company getting their business improve dramatically if they remember us at the right moments. Otherwise, if we don’t market ourselves, we risk losing them to our competitors.

As an example to highlight the importance of marketing, let’s imagine ourselves as single adults who want to meet other single adults. If we don’t advertise our availability or any of our features, other single adults who don’t already know us probably won’t just show up randomly and ask us out in an effort to get to know us. Also, if we keep ourselves “out there”, people who do know us will remember us more often and we might get referrals. However, if we keep to ourselves, our chances of meeting others get reduced drastically.

It is unfortunate when companies claim they cannot afford marketing and somehow simply believe consumers will just find them. Truthfully, most companies would see an increase in revenue if they would market themselves. Consumers generally don’t find companies on their own often enough to keep a company in business without knowing anything about them.

The awesomeness of video brochures

  1. Video brochures are impressive pieces of technology most businesses can afford.
  2. For many, one sale usually recovers the $20 to $65 per unit it costs to have them.
  3. Video brochures make average salespeople great and sometimes practically make sales themselves.
  4. Recipients can be easily targeted with video brochures.
  5. Recipients regularly share them with other decision makers.
  6. They are viewed as impressive, novel items and not simply as throw-away advertising pieces.
  7. Video brochures engage more senses with sight, sound and motion to make a greater impact on a viewer’s feelings.
  8. Recipients remember more of what they see, hear and feel from a video brochure than they do when a salesperson engages them.
  9. Recipients appreciate being able to watch them at their own convenience at anytime or anywhere since they don’t require electricity or an internet connection.
  10. Companies who market with them are easily able to retain control over how their company is presented rather than relying on salespeople to always be at their best.

Marketing is easier with video brochures

In the digital age we live in, watching videos on the many electronic devices available around the world has become common for humans. Videos grab attention, peak curiosity and make messages more interesting and memorable.

Sharing videos in video brochures has proven to generate high success. Companies who use video brochures report they received the best ROI with them compared to other forms of marketing they’ve tried, and the sales process becomes easier.

For companies who understand the importance of marketing, having state-of-the-art video marketing products to share with their most likely customers can substantially increase their chances for high profits.

To learn more about video brochures or our other products, contact us today!

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