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The is a Point of Purchase Display with a video screen made by MediaFast for Kenneth Cole.

Why You Should Jazz Up Point Of Purchase Displays With Videos

As a retailer or marketer, do you know you can jazz up Point of Purchase Displays with videos? That’s right… Manufacturers figured out how to make it happen.

Now they’re more interesting for retail shoppers. Far more informative and fun too.

For instance, you know that feeling you get when you walk into a room and a video is playing? Too hard to ignore, right? Of course then you decide if you want to keep paying attention or not… But you know what I mean.

Examples of Point of Purchase Displays With Videos

To increase sales, POP Displays with videos are highly effective in retail stores.

Our clients say the video content they include makes a huge difference in how well shoppers understand their products or services. Plus, ROI with them is outstanding, and consumers value what they show and tell.

In case you aren’t familiar with them, here’s a short video highlighting several we’ve created for clients.

Videos From Manufacturers Versus Store Clerks

When shopping, how likely are you to ask questions of store clerks? That’s rhetorical of course, but some people do it frequently while others choose not to for various reasons.

At the same time, how likely are you to look up information online while in stores? Nowadays that’s extremely common. Our cell phones can access the internet at any moment, and online reviews and product descriptions are easy to find. So are videos…

And there it is — the brilliance behind the technology. Consumers typically rely on videos and reviews to help them make purchasing decisions, so engineers and marketers figured out how to give them what they want instantly while they’re shopping.

So here’s the next question: How likely are you to trust a store clerk over a video from a manufacturer? Not that store clerks are dishonest or anything shady. Most usually aren’t.

However, being realistic, manufacturers usually know how to explain their products better than most retail salespeople. And when reviews from other consumers are available, they tend to make a big difference too, right? Especially if they’re presented in videos…

POP Display With a Video For a Service

Just to give you another example, here’s a POP Display with a video for a service rather than a product.

Since consumers appreciate the interaction and instant information, these are highly effective as well. When placed strategically, they peak interest, start shoppers down sales funnels, etc. Clever, huh?

Videos Enhance Marketing Strategies

In highly competitive retail environments, shoppers are impacted by unique and personalized experiences. For instance, when a video showing testimonials is playing, or there’s a product comparison… You know, stuff you don’t see very often in stores.

Truthfully, sometimes experiences like those are necessary for new products or services to sell much at all. The impact they make on influencing consumers to make repeat purchases is significant as well.

Fortunately, Point of Purchase Displays with videos excel at producing unique and personalized experiences. Their attention-grabbing features help shoppers learn information necessary for them to make most purchasing decisions. On top of that, interactive features combined with visual attraction can increase consumer interest and engagement, which further increases sales.

Then, when special offers, QR codes, and touch-screen displays are used to make them more interactive, well… You get the idea.

In a nutshell, combining videos with other marketing strategies simply makes them more effective… To see what other options we have available, click MediaFast Product Gallery with Videos.

Get Industry-Leading Point of Purchase Displays From MediaFast

To engage a target audience, Point of Purchase Displays with videos are an excellent strategy in retail stores. Consumers tend to trust what they see and hear from manufacturers more so than what salespeople tell them, and ROI with them is usually outstanding.

With that said, at MediaFast, we completely understand how a well designed POP Display can significantly boost sales. And when a video is added, all the better.

Also, in case you’re wondering about quality, we only use brand new, Grade A components to make everything we sell. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we include a one-year full warranty with every purchase.

After reading this, if you’d like to use a Point of Purchase Display to jazz up your store and increase sales, or to learn more, contact us today.

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