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Why You Should Spend Money On Video Marketing

Video marketing is highly versatile, exceedingly profitable, and vastly effective at capturing attention and explaining almost anything. It’s affordable too.

In 2018, video marketing is catching up to content marketing strategies like blogs and e-books (if it hasn’t already), and over half of businesses use it.

Why you should spend money on video marketing

  1. Videos are many people’s preferred way of learning about almost everything: According to numerous reports, people commonly watch videos to learn about products, services, strategies, procedures, health, business, and all sorts of other topics. Videos are fantastic at explaining and/or demonstrating concepts that may be difficult to explain in words, and animated videos can bring concepts to life in a way that text or videos depicting scenarios with real life characters cannot. Because they combine sight, sound and motion, videos engage more senses in humans and make it easier to keep people’s attention on whatever is being presented. Also, videos feel more enjoyable and take less effort to follow.
  2. Even less motivated people take action after watching videos: The majority of people in today’s world feel they are too busy to read or listen to long product or service descriptions. What’s more, they usually don’t want to do research or be entertained in a way that requires them to put forth much effort. Since videos are usually easy to access, they would much rather watch them than read, listen, or look at motionless images when trying to gather information or be entertained. However, since videos are highly effective at arousing emotions, they are often more effective at motivating people to take action.
  3. Videos instill trust and help people feel more comfortable accepting messages: Trust makes a huge impact on most decisions people make. Videos have proven to increase the amount of trust people feel sooner when learning about something new, and smart marketers take full advantage of it. As with most things in life, the more trust, the better. Marketing is no different. People have an easier time believing what they see and hear in videos than what they only hear or only see. In fact, motion is the magic ingredient that makes videos so effective.
  4. Videos produce exceptionally high ROI: According to a study by Wyzowl, 76% of businesses say video marketing generates outstanding ROI for them. Feedback indicates videos don’t have to be perfect to be effective, and they’re less expensive to make than they used to be. What videos portray makes the biggest difference, and most people expect organizations to have them. In fact, according to the same study by Wyzowl, “Consumers continue to value video content highly as part of their buyer journey. While viewers most commonly use video as a starting point to build their knowledge about a product or service, it’s also interesting that video has also acted as a ‘tipping point’ for an overwhelming majority of consumers – a decisive factor that convinces them to buy or download a product or piece of software.”
  5. Videos help companies be more memorable: Because videos arouse more emotions and people enjoy watching them so much, they tend to make companies more memorable. Consequently, companies who get remembered by their most likely customers at opportune moments tend to make more sales. Furthermore, as a way to increase revenue, or at least maintain it, successful companies continually find ways to get more people to watch their videos in an effort to prevent their competitors from gaining an advantage over them.

MediaFast is an innovator in the video marketing industry

Several years ago, we realized video marketing was the wave of the future. That realization and the desire to be an extremely successful marketing company fueled our desire to be innovators in the video marketing industry.

Soon afterwards, we began adding videos to point of purchase displays (POP displays), printed brochures, product sample boxes, gift boxes, and any other marketing products we believed would be improved with video content. Then, in 2017, we invented MediaBuk versions of video brochures so video brochures would be more usable and affordable for many different purposes.

All along the way, we’ve continued to prioritize product quality and customer satisfaction. We only use brand new, Grade A components in all of our products to ensure the best quality, and we guarantee them as well. We also make a strong effort to provide superior customer service at all times.

To learn more about us or the marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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