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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for NBC's Sunday Night Football.

Working in Sales is Easier with Video Brochures

While working in sales can be a lucrative profession, it can also be very challenging. Having video brochures and other sales tools can make it much easier.

For example, here is a testimonial we received from Troy Hall of Service King Collision Repair Centers: “The video brochures definitely left an impression with our partners so much so that they mentioned our competitor’s presentations weren’t even close.”

Video Brochures are ideal for prospects, salespeople & companies

For salespeople, having video brochures to leave with prospects can make working in sales much more comfortable. They boost confidence, interest, and help salespeople reach decision-makers because of how effectively they get past “gate-keepers”. Also, since they have to be picked back up, they make getting follow-up appointments easier.

For prospects, video brochures allow salespeople to talk less and listen more, which most people appreciate. They also enable prospects to share messages with other decision-makers in a more accurate, convenient, and impressive manner. Then, if they’re interested, they can set up face-to-face meetings or make phone calls to move further towards making a purchasing decision.

For companies, video brochures allow them to maintain control over how their messages are presented. They’ve proven to make salespeople better as well as boost the image of companies who use them, and they make messages more memorable.

Video Brochures make working in sales easier

In the digital world we live in, video brochures are a powerful asset. Selling with them makes working in sales easier, especially when salespeople find prospects who already want or need whatever they’re selling, and a low pressure approach can be used with video brochures to open and close deals.

On top of that, feedback indicates they regularly get shared among decision-makers allowing for more accuracy to be delivered since fewer messages get relayed in a second-hand manner. Also, videos have the ability to say and show more than motionless words or images in a shorter period of time, and most people enjoy watching them.

With regards to techniques, traditional sales strategies without videos simply do not make the same impact as strategies with videos. Sales and marketing decisions often determine how successful companies become, and in today’s world where videos make such a significant impact, having video brochures to leave with potential buyers can help companies maintain an edge over competitors.

MediaFast Video Brochures even make sales themselves

Unlike other platforms, MediaFast video brochures can place a company’s videos directly into the hands of their most likely customers. This experience leaves viewers feeling acknowledged, valued, and impressed. It also increases brand recognition and loyalty.

What’s even more beneficial is there aren’t many better ways for companies to get their messages directly into the hands of the right people. While salespeople often get stymied by “gate-keepers”, video brochures are simply too classy and interesting for even gate-keepers not to share with co-workers. Then, after decision-makers feel impressed and know more about what is being offered, feedback indicates video brochures practically make sales themselves.

To learn more about video brochures or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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