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WOW! Print Packaging Makes A Huge Difference

Print packaging can make a huge difference in sales and customer satisfaction. We all know the phrase, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” The truth is, what’s on the outside matters a great deal too.

The message print packaging sends and how it performs can affect how much attention products get in retail settings and how much satisfaction they provide while people use them.

Effectively, here is a simple way to think about print packaging: Because every single user of a product interacts with its packaging, it must represent a brand favorably on a retail shelf and at every other touch point in its lifecycle.

For example, consumers expect packaging to function well and not cause frustrations. It should be durable, easy to open and close, protect the product, dispense the product, and easy to dispose of or recycle. Otherwise, customer satisfaction will be low and a company’s most likely customers will probably purchase a different brand.

Consumers believe product packaging is highly important

Consumers consider the quality and performance of product packaging to be almost as important as a brand itself.

Purchasing decisions can be influenced strongly by the messages and images printed on a product’s packaging. Throughout a product’s lifecycle, its packaging significantly affects the level of satisfaction users feel about the brand who made it.

In retail settings, shelf appeal carries major importance. When print packaging is visually appealing, it makes selling the product much easier. On the other hand, if it isn’t appealing, sometimes shoppers will choose to buy a different brand simply because of what they see.

Furthermore, sometimes print packaging practically makes sales itself. For example, the image of kids playing with a Slip-n-Slide has probably sold hundreds of them as a result of what people see on their packaging.

Better print packaging can create more sales

From time to time, people naturally experience brand fatigue. Sometimes changing the print packaging on a product can help produce more repeat business and an increase in sales. It also is a good way to tell consumers the brand is making an effort to stay modern.

Studies have also shown print packaging strongly influences buying habits in consumers, especially with repeat purchases.

Furthermore, according to research, print packaging makes a bigger impact than TV ads, online reviews, or even recommendations from friends or family. Again, what’s on the outside matters just as much as what’s on the inside because if what’s on the outside doesn’t make a good first impression, what’s on the inside may never get a chance to show how good it might be.

A great example of this is when companies who sell jelly changed the location of the lids on their bottles. By putting them on the bottom, this allows people to serve jelly without using plastic utensils or silverware. This results in fewer messes and less clean up, and it makes jelly more user friendly.

Another great example of packaging innovation is when video screens were added to printed brochures. While traditional brochures were effective for decades in marketing, they became less appealing as the digital age developed. It was practically a stroke of genius when someone had the brilliant idea to combine the two. Now, video screens can be added to practically anything, and video marketing is a huge success because of how appealing it is in the eyes of recipients.

We understand how much print packaging matters

In the digital age we live in, products are being purchased online more frequently. Because of this, the performance, execution and structural features of product packaging is even more important.

To generate the best results, product packaging needs to be attractive, user friendly, protect the product, clearly identify the brand, and be easy to throw away or recycle. These characteristics help satisfy customers, which helps generate positive ROI and leads to more customer retention.

At MediaFast, we understand the importance of print packaging. We have a comprehensive line of modern packaging solutions with more options than ever before. With them, we provide custom packaging solutions to make the products our customers offer unique, user friendly, and more valuable in the eyes of their customers.

To learn more about our print packaging solutions or any of our other marketing products, contact us today.

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