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This is a MediaFast video brochure for SleepMultiMedia.

You Can Mail Video Brochures to Top Prospects

Sending video brochures in the mail to top prospects has become one of the most effective ways for companies to engage them. Messages in them often receive more attention, and they succeed at drawing a response when many other strategies may not.

Marketing makes a huge impact on success

Marketing is more a battle of perception than a battle of products. It is necessary for most businesses, especially for sales, and it often makes a huge impact on how successful companies become.

Appearance usually creates the first impression that potentially sells products and services when they are being sold. Essentially since marketing is often a prospect’s first exposure to what a company offers, it substantially impacts the initial ‘make or break’ moment that can ultimately lead to profit or loss. It also encourages brand loyalty and repeat business from customers.

On top of that, a company’s marketing must inspire confidence and be visually appealing to get most people to look at their products and services enough to ultimately make a purchase. In some scenarios, it can be argued that appearance is everything. Plus, people will pay extra for something they think looks good and is branded in the right way. To maximize profits, companies who make the effort to ensure what they offer is marketed correctly usually receive great rewards for it.

Mailing video brochures can be highly rewarding

Video brochures and video mailers are almost the same thing. The difference is video mailers include custom packaging with a blank space for names and addresses to be written in or ink-jetted on so they can be mailed to prospects, thus making them more classy and attention-grabbing.

In one package, they combine the power of video with the power of print, the power of tangibility, and the power of novelty. More can be seen and heard in videos, and companies who use them find their marketing to be more appealing. Also, people still love to touch and feel attractive print media. They may not read every word (most people are skimmers), but attractiveness and tangibility increase the number of views messages receive. Plus, novelty is extremely powerful and helps companies comply with a difference-making philosophy in business and competition: Always Be First.

By definition, novelty is the quality of being new, striking, original or unusual. Whether it’s a shared experience of a new cultural phenomenon or simply someone’s personal opinion, novelty in many circumstances increases appeal, exposure, and makes information more memorable. It also enhances marketing and boosts sales. When companies mail video brochures to top prospects, they put themselves in position to enjoy the benefits of novelty while also increasing the chances of their messages making a greater impact.

Mailing video brochures is a smart marketing strategy

At MediaFast, we understand the importance of marketing. It impacts the success of companies as much or more than most other aspects of business, and engaging top prospects with it in ways they will enjoy and feel motivated to respond to can dramatically affect a company’s bottom line.

All of the marketing products we offer help our clients reach, engage, and build relationships with their targeted prospects. We are leaders in the marketing industry, and we know what it takes to print, manufacture, and mail effective marketing materials like video brochures and have them be delivered on time.

Furthermore, customer satisfaction is our highest priority. As part of that philosophy, we completely understand the importance of quality and only use brand new, Grade A components in all of the products we sell to ensure they are the best.

To learn more about mailing video brochures as video mailers or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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