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This is an image of a video camera filming a businesswoman sitting behind a desk making a presentation.

You Can Rely On Our Video Marketing Products To Perform As Expected

No need to worry about malfunctions or embarrassments because you can rely on our Video Marketing Products to perform as expected. We’ve heard far too many horror stories, which is why we only use brand new, Grade A components — so they don’t malfunction at inopportune moments. They also produce excellent ROI to the point where regular re-orders are common from our customers.

The Benefits Of Buying Video Marketing Products From MediaFast

At MediaFast, we understand that price, availability and personal preference all play a role in purchasing decisions. We also know that quality plays a major role, which is where we’re unbeatable. Here’s why:

  1. We only use brand new, Grade A components to ensure the best quality and reliability.
  2. We do not lock video content, which means companies can change videos without having to purchase new units.
  3. Our customers get a full warranty, and it isn’t a limited warranty.
  4. The minimum order from us is one.
  5. Our philosophy is to not “bait and switch” or “nickel and dime” with our prices. While variables exist, we do not charge extra for all of them.
  6. We work with our customers to determine what variables they want without up-selling them what they don’t need.
  7. We have many design templates, but none are considered standard. Also, if you’d rather have a custom piece, our processes for those are easy to follow.
  8. Units can have up to 14 buttons depending on piece size. The most common are Play/Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind, Volume Up, Volume Down, Video (multiple videos can be included), Skip Forward 15 Seconds, Skip Back 15 Seconds.
  9. By choosing to buy from us, companies get an innovator and leader in the industry with over 150 years of combined experience in our leadership team. We’ll share that, and it benefits our customers.
  10. We know exactly when to cut corners to save time and money without compromising quality and when not to cut corners at all.

While other reasons could be listed, these are many that set us apart from our competitors.

Video Of Advertising And Marketing Products We Sell

In case you aren’t familiar with them, here is a short video showing examples of Video Brochures, Video Mailers, Video Boxes and Point of Purchase Displays we sell.

More About Why You Can Rely On Our Video Marketing Products

Each month, we confidently send out dozens of FREE samples to prospects interested in learning more about our video enabled marketing media. By doing so, we’ve found that our potential customers appreciate the superior quality that comes from us. It’s also common for us to receive responses like “Your samples are so much better than the ones we received from other companies. The comparisons aren’t even close!” Then, they buy from us with confidence.

Also, our Video Brochures only have a .05% malfunction rate (half a percent), which is far superior in our industry.

With regards to price, what many consumers don’t know is that the price difference between high quality and low quality Video Marketing Products is not always significant — usually between 1% and 10%. However, there is often a significant difference in customer satisfaction. Since one sale often pays for each unit, spending slightly more for quality and reliability is usually worth it. To learn more, click this link: Why Video Marketing Products Get Decision-Makers To Make Purchases

To purchase Video Marketing Products so your company can benefit from how effective they are, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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