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Your Print Packaging Really Matters

Your print packaging has a major affect on sales and customer satisfaction. It also offers a great place for marketing and sharing your company’s values. How it performs and what is says really matters.

For example, consumers expect packaging to function well and not cause frustrations. It should be durable, easy to open, close, protect the product, dispense the product, and easy to throw away or recycle. Otherwise, customer satisfaction will rapidly decrease and a company’s most likely customers will purchase from a different brand as a result.

Additionally, if your company markets its products as upscale but the packaging used for them isn’t high quality, it will be a turnoff to customers.

To understand the importance of a product’s packaging, here is a simple way to think about it: Because every single user of a brand’s product interacts with its packaging, print packaging must represent a brand favorably both on the retail shelf and at every other touch point in a product’s lifecycle.

Customers consider print packaging to be highly important

When it comes to customer satisfaction, consumers consider the quality and performance of product packaging to be almost as important as a brand itself.

Throughout the lifecycle of a product, the packaging it comes in significantly affects the level of satisfaction users feel about the brand who made it. Considering how much focus companies place on product development and improvement, they should also focus significantly on packaging because of the impact it will have on how people feel about their brand.

Additionally, purchasing decisions by consumers can be strongly influenced by the messages and images printed on a product’s packaging.

Shelf appeal is key in retail, and if print packaging isn’t visually appealing, it makes it much more difficult to sell a product. On the other hand, sometimes people choose to buy a product off a shelf simply because of what they see. What that means is print packaging is influential in the eyes of consumers, and sometimes it makes sales itself.

A change in print packaging can lead to increased revenue

It is natural for humans to experience brand fatigue from time to time. Sometimes consumers just want to try something different, and because of it, brands can increase revenue simply by changing the print packaging for their products. In the worst case scenario, such a change can help a product get more attention, which might be just enough to motivate more people to try it.

Also, studies have revealed print packaging strongly influences buying habits in consumers, especially in regards to repeat purchases. In fact, according to researchers, print packaging makes a bigger impact than TV ads, online reviews, or even recommendations from friends and family. What this means is print packaging can help create happy customers and assist in keeping them loyal.

Some good examples of this are when Brawny changed the image of the man displayed on their paper towel packaging to have a more modern look, or when ketchup, mustard and relish companies changed the location of the lids to be on the bottom of their bottles. Another brilliant change in packaging was when General Mills created Go-Gurt, which is yogurt made specifically for kids to squeeze from a tube directly into their mouths instead of using a spoon to eat.

By keeping print packaging interesting and user-friendly, companies can maintain or even increase revenue throughout the years of their product’s existence.

MediaFast understands print packaging really matters

In the digital world we live in, products are increasingly being purchased online instead of from retail stores. As buying online increases, performance, execution and structural features in packaging are even more important because of how much they can impact customer satisfaction and repeat business.

To be at its best, a product’s packaging needs to be attractive, easy to operate, protect the product, clearly identify the brand, and be easy to throw away or recycle. If people are happy with a product and satisfied with the look and performance of its packaging, they are likely to keep using it. What’s more, they might be more inclined to recommend it to others.

At MediaFast, we understand the impact print packaging can make on a company. We have a comprehensive line of packaging solutions and assembly capabilities, and with more options than ever before, we can provide a custom packaging solution that makes your products unique and more valuable in the eyes of your customers.

To learn more about our print packaging solutions or other marketing products, contact us today.

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