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This is a MediaFast video brochure for One Times Square.

Your Video Brochure Can Perform Like A TV Commercial

Your Video Brochure can perform like a TV commercial at a time when Video Marketing Products are producing outstanding results. At the same time, it will cost much less while helping ensure your video gets watched by the people you hoped would watch it in the first place.

Why Your Video Brochure Can Perform Like A TV Commercial

In the digital age we live in, over 70% of marketing professionals say videos help companies boost sales. Conversion rates are significantly higher when video content is used in sales and marketing strategies, and the power of videos helps companies make themselves more appealing.

In addition to being more appealing, videos show products and services being used in actual circumstances like TV commercials. They’re just as trustworthy, and the way they portray voice tones, facial expressions, and body language helps companies better connect with brands who use them. Their use of background music, sounds, scenery, and motion also helps arouse emotions, which makes them more entertaining and memorable.

In that sense, recollection skyrockets in consumers when videos are used to present messages. For instance, people remember approximately 10% of what they hear, 35% of what they see, and 65% of what they both hear and see. While those percentages vary among different individuals, videos certainly outperform all three, meaning video content is better than only audio, only visuals, or a combination of audio with motionless visuals.

In consideration of everything above, Video Brochures capitalize on the power of videos in combination with the best of print marketing to help companies get their messages directly into the hands of decision-makers. Also, they allow companies to have their messages seen by their target audience in more places at any given time, similar to TV commercials… only more targeted.

Why Video Brochures Perform So Well

In case you aren’t sold quite yet, here’s a brief list of why Video Brochures perform so well:

  1. Companies can target specific customers with a Video Brochure.
  2. They’re often more cost effective to make and distribute than other popular forms of marketing.
  3. They enable companies to advertise products, services, and opportunities in more places at once.
  4. According to feedback, they are The Best Marketing Tool, Without A Doubt.
  5. They are simple to operate for recipients and reliable for users.
  6. Their batteries are easily rechargeable, just like in cell phones, which makes them long-lasting.
  7. Video content in Video Brochures is easy to change: How To Change Content In A Video Brochure
  8. Recollection skyrockets in humans when there is a combination of audio and visual, just like in Video Brochures.
  9. They win the battle for attention on the desks of executives because they’re extremely interesting.
  10. Recipients rarely throw them away, unlike business cards or most other marketing materials.
  11. Executives regularly share them with other decision-makers and co-workers who influence their decisions.
  12. They help companies become more memorable to their most likely customers.
  13. Salespeople feel less pressure and tend to perform better when Video Brochures are part of their sales strategy.
  14. Recipients appreciate the efficiency and convenience they provide.
  15. They Make Introductions and Follow-Up Easy.

Get Outstanding Results With MediaFast Video Brochures

Companies typically get outstanding results when they use MediaFast Video Brochures to engage their most likely customers or accomplish many important matters in business. In addition to giving impressive presentations, they also help companies set themselves apart from competitors as well as increase revenue and moral within their organizations.

From what we’ve seen over the past several years, using Video Brochures has become one of the best marketing strategies in the world. Honestly, out of all the options available, we couldn’t recommend a better marketing product.

To purchase Video Brochures so your company can capitalize on how they perform like a TV commercial, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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