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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Moonlight Fund.

Your Video Mailer Should Be Like A TV Commercial

As a way to increase sales and exposure like a TV commercial, Video Mailers are the way to go. They’re much less expensive, and recipients find them impossible to ignore. They also increase perceived value. For these and other reasons, there truly aren’t many better ways for companies to engage their target audience.

Why Your Video Mailer Should Be Like A TV Commercial

In the digital age we live in, people have transitioned away from reading as much as they used to. Instead, they prefer to listen to audio books or watch videos because they feel more enjoyable. They also feel like less work. As a result, videos have become increasingly relied upon in business.

Why has this happened? Because videos combine images with sound and motion to create better mental connections between viewers and presenters. They also increase trust since people find it easier to believe what they see and hear. As well, they enable presenters to explain products, services, and opportunities more thoroughly in less time. And, they’re more appealing and entertaining.

Because of this, companies who use videos in their marketing and advertising tend to enjoy better results. With that said, Video Mailers get their videos directly into the hands of their most likely customers, and they make them much more interesting to decision-makers.

Types Of Videos That Work Well In Video Mailers

Using the right type of video in your Video Mailer will make it more effective. For easy reference, here is a list of common types we recommend:

  • Presentation videos: Similar to TV commercials, presentation videos introduce products, services, and opportunities to prospective buyers. They offer a great way to show the benefits of using them as well as provide an excellent platform to point out how they differentiate from competitors.
  • Demonstration videos: These are normally fairly long and explain products, services, and opportunities in greater detail. However, watching them usually takes less time than reading extensive text or looking at motionless images to learn information. They’re also much more appealing. On top of that, since they help potential buyers see themselves using whatever is being presented, they help them better understand how it will improve their lives.
  • Testimonial videos: Customer testimonials feature real people who have personal experience with whatever is being sold. When others see them, what happens is they place a higher value on it. As a result, trust escalates and purchasing decisions become easier to make.
  • Explainer videos: Normally short and thorough, these provide an appealing way to explain information so potential buyers will understand it well. Then they feel better about their purchases, and what results is happier customers.
  • Promotional videos: More than anything, promotional videos focus on price and value. Both make a huge difference in the minds of shoppers.
  • Entertainment videos: Most people enjoy being entertained. They also remember companies who entertain them. When it comes to increasing exposure and raising awareness, entertainment videos are highly effective on consumers.

Naturally, the type of video you choose to present your message can feel challenging. Fortunately, Video Mailers can include multiple “Play” buttons, each of which will activate a different video.

Video Mailers Are Highly Effective On Target Audiences

With great success, Video Mailers succeed at getting marketing and advertising videos directly into the hands of targeted prospects. They’re highly appealing, and they succeed at drawing a high rate of response.

Feedback from our customers indicates that they help recipients feel valued and acknowledged. They also leave them feeling impressed. Because of these and other reasons, recipients commonly share them with others who influence their decisions, which makes them well worth the money it costs to have them.

To purchase Video Mailers so your company can enjoy how they perform like a TV commercial, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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